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Not Getting Enough Sleep?

Are you always tired? Do you find yourself falling asleep at your desk at work or nodding off behind the wheel at night? You could be suffering from sleep deprivation which is defined as the general lack of necessary amount of sleep as a result of a sleep disorder or an active choice.

How to Stop Snoring and Never Snore Again

There are a few different ways to stop snoring. Some are expensive and others are simply things like chin exercises. Snoring is a major concern these days for doctors as they learn more and more about what snoring does to the body.

Sleep Apnea and the Power of Tea

As with most cases of snoring, sleep apnea leaves sufferers unaware that they actually have it until someone actually tells them due to the fact that they’re fast asleep whenever it happens. This condition can cause serious complications, including death as the worst case scenario.

Somnambulism 101 – Diagnosis, Treatment, and Monitoring Through a Wireless Spy Camera

Have you ever had problems related to sleepwalking? Well, you are not alone. Almost a quarter of the world’s population will sleepwalk in the course of their lives! And in the United States, it is estimated that 1 in 7 Americans are somnambulists at one point. This means that even if you are not a sleepwalker yourself, chances are that you live, work, play, and meet somnambulists without you knowing it.

Herbs For Insomnia – Do They Actually Work?

Herbs for insomnia work by correcting imbalances in the body rather than adding ingredients that cross the blood/brain barrier. They may not be as “instant” as chemical sleeping drugs, but have the advantage of not losing their effect over the long term. Herbal remedies are totally non-addictive You’ll never develop a chemical dependency to any insomnia herb.

Sleep Expert Explains the Reality of Sleep Disorders

In this article, Dr. Michael Brues shares on reality of sleep and sleep disorders. Dr. Michael Brues is the author of Good Night and Web MDs sleep expert.

Scientists Probe the Effects of Sleep Apnea and Its Link to Medical Conditions

For decades, sleep apnea was a problem that was treated as an emotional issue. And, later, many doctors considered sleep apnea to be a problem associated with allergies and snoring. Not until recent years have public and medical health care professionals learned more about this phenomena and its wide-reaching effects on public health.

What Are You Doing About Your Snoring Problem?

Are you one of the millions to be a regular nightly snorer? If so, contrary to the belief, there are no longer anymore reasons for not doing something about your snoring problem. In the new world of anti-snoring solutions, there are more choices of working anti-snoring methods now than ever before. This partially the fact because of so many more people having serious snoring problems on a nightly basis than even in the recent past, and also for the fact that snoring has now been proven to cause short term and long term serious health issues…

Passive Snoring Health Afflictions

For those that snore, looking back as to when it is believed that the snoring really truly started just may give some ideas as to what exactly makes you snore now when you may not have just a short time back. Weight is a very common factor that directly can often be the culprit as to why you may snore now, but not a couple of years ago.

Did You Know About the Fastest Anti-Snoring Remedy?

Not only does snoring do damage to your living situation with everyone else in the house, but snoring has now been directly and indirectly linked to several different diseases in the long term. For those that regularly snore, there now has been a proven health hazard of a heightened chance of heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, and high blood pressure. There are also the ramifications of the chronic snorer to move on into the even more serious snoring illness of sleep apnea. This is now known to happen in approximately 20% of all chronic snoring individuals, and it is considered a serious medical condition.

How Does Snoring Cause a Divorce?

The problem of snoring between spouses very well may be one of the oldest issues that are known to put a wedge within a marriage. If the snoring is a continuously loud noise through the nights and being a problem that happens every night, there is a strong desire for the non-snoring spouse to move out of the bedroom. Most often than not, the one that is snoring does not even realize how loud and bad their snoring truly is, and there very well may be resentment and lack of understanding as to why their spouse is no longer wanting to sleep in the same room with them.

What is Snoring – How to Cure Snoring

Snoring can be a real problem for some, and it can be even worse for the person trying to sleep next to the snorer. There is a way to cure your snoring without going under the knife of a surgeon.

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