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Sleep, Sleep Aids and Sleep Positions, Article 1 of 3 – Side Sleep

This article clarifies the confusion around the most recommended sleep position – supported side sleep. Dr. Zachary covers the 3 problems that occur when side sleep is unsupported.

The Benefits of Napping – For Adults

American society frowns on midday sleep for adults. But, studies show, napping can increase productivity, reduce stress, increase learning capabilities, and lead to improved health. In many European, Latin, and Asian countries, napping is a way of life.

How to Sleep Less Time, Work More Time

Are you concerned about sleeping too much or not having a regular sleeping schedule? If you aren’t earning enough money from your blog to quit your day job and you want to keep on blogging then you desperately need time. Is it possible to sleep 5-6 hours a day without turning in to a walking zombie?

Goodman’s New Snoring Technique

According to studies it has shown that Christian Goodman is a genius. Goodman has found a way to cure snoring from the root. He calls it an All natural method and it’s ready to take your breath away, eliminating all the areas of the exact problem one may have.

Getting Quality Sleep in Your Room

Are you still bothered by snoring? Try these simple suggestions to lessen your stress caused by snoring while you get yourself a good night sleep.

Perfect Sleeping

Sleeping is a kind of brain and body resting. Duration of sleeping time is variation, up to individual person. Having a perfect sleep is important to the quality of life in everybody.

Getting the Sleep You Need

MOST of the progress in understanding sleep mechanics has been made in the last 50 years. What has been learned explodes some long-standing misconceptions. One is the assumption that since many bodily functions slow down during rest, sleep is little more than a state of inactivity.

Heads Up! The Way You Are Sleeping May Be Killing You!

The way you sleep affects your body, especially the pressure in your head and brain. Sleeping too flat causes excessive brain pressure, and leads to numerous health problems. Prevention of these problems can be as simply as sleeping with the head of the bed slightly elevated to aid circulation. This explains the cause of many diseases, from migraines to Alzheimer’s.

Sleep Debt – A Growing Problem?

MILLIONS of people today are in serious “debt.” This debt can be a major factor in wrecking their cars, damaging their careers, and even ruining their marriages. It can adversely affect their health and life span. It is a deficit that contributes to immune suppression, creating susceptibility to various infections. Conditions as different as diabetes, heart disease, and extreme obesity, as well as other health problems, have been linked to it. Yet, most victims are oblivious of this debt.

Put an End to Your Insomnia – Deal With Those Sleep Interferences

Are you suffering from insomnia? If you are, it’s certain that you are dying to finally get the sleep you’ve always wanted and wake up bursting with energy, much more motivation and drive. Find out how.

Reviewing Facts About Insomnia

Need help sleeping? Not sure why you aren’t sleeping? With no sleep what will tomorrow be like? These questions will be answered.

Sleeping With The Lights On – Sleep-Debt In A 24-7 Society

For many people, sleep is an often overlooked aspect of physical and mental wellbeing, and it’s easy to forget that the quality of sleep is as important as the quantity of sleep. However, some simple measures can be taken to increase the chances of a good night’s slumber.

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