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Factors of Snoring

Snoring is a disorder that can happen at any age, although most frequently occurs with overweight males. It is believed snoring affects forty-five percent of adults but twenty-five percent is considered chronic snorers.

Is A Memory Foam Mattress Your Key To More REM Sleep?

If you’ve ever slept on a truly comfortable bed you understand that not all sleep is created equal. As you sleep, your body cycles through five stages of brain activity. Each stage offers different neurological and physiological benefits. The stage of rapid eye movement, commonly referred to as REM. During REM your circulation and brain wave activity increase.

Neuropathy and Sleep

If you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, this scenario is probably all too familiar. Insomnia (lack of sleep) affects almost half of the overall population, but among neuropathy sufferers, that ratio jumps to over seventy percent. Experts recommend between seven and nine hours of sleep for most adults, regardless of their age or gender, an intimidating goal if you’re someone whose chronic pain keeps them up at night.

How Can I Stop My Snoring Problem?

Snoring is the vibration of the respiratory system, in other words, the nose, mouth and throat, resulting in a, what seems to be a disturbing, annoying sound to others, due to several causes. Causes include the difficulty in breathing while sleeping, the gathering of fat in and around the throat, drugs, alcohol, smoking, sleeping on your back, a jaw that isn’t aligned properly, usually, due to the tension in muscles, weakness in one’s throat, which causes the throat to close while sleeping, which also makes it difficult for a person to breathe, and many more. Snoring may not be a problem, depending on its cause, however, some people may be disturbed by it, for instance, you may not be able to sleep with the annoying sound coming from your husband, wife, children, brother or sister roaring next to you.

Sleep 101: Understanding Sleep Cycle

Many people forget about the importance of sleep. This article is about the importance of completing the normal sleep cycle to a person’s well-being. Read on to know more about the amazing benefits of sleep.

Is It Really Possible To Learn While You Sleep?

This question has been a trending topic nowadays for research labs and universities. A lot of speculations arose but, nonetheless, no definite answer yet.

Taking A Look At Prescription Side Effects

The oral medicine that is used to treat insomnia is taken before bed and for many people works very well. It is meant for a short period of time, and generally will not be taken for more than 4 weeks. Included here are some of the Zopiclone side effects.

The Causes of Sleep Deprivation

Sleeping deprivation can be caused by a number of things. See how a mattress can be the main reason why you’re not sleeping at night.

Losing Sleep Over Sleep? Sleep Aids Can Help You

If you are counting sheep and still not falling asleep or at best managing only a few winks, that too with too much tossing and turning and waking up countless times in between, then you need help. Prolonged sleep deficiency can wreak havoc with your immune system making you susceptible to viral attacks. Also during sleep, the body releases substances called cytokines that fight infection and help you recover from an infectious disease.

Sleep Apnea Beyond the Common Man

Being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea can be a huge mental mountain to get over. On one side you have being constantly tired and falling asleep during the day, and on the other side you have to wear something called a Nasal CPAP Mask and sleep the night looking like Darth Vader’s cousin. But rest assured you are not alone in this climb as many stars and historical figures have had the same issues – yet we are fortunate to be in a time when this disease can be controlled.

Reasons People May Choose To Go For Apnea Surgery

There are many reasons that people may choose to go for apnea surgery. The majority of them have to do with wanting to be able to sleep significantly better than they currently are. Many people do not have the ability to work to their full potential when they are not receiving a full nights sleep.

Cures For Insomnia And How They Can Help You

Insomnia is becoming more and more prevalent in our society today. The reasons for this are many but one of them is the increased stress load and the amount of quick fixes people use in order to combat the problem, which only makes it worse. There are Cures For Insomnia and you do not have to suffer in silence.

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