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5 Common Causes of Snoring

Snoring is a problems for many people. Figuring out how to stop snoring can be tricky however. Find out the 5 most common causes for snoring and what you can do about each of them.

Sleep Enuresis: Causes and Treatments

Sleep Enuresis, more commonly known as Bedwetting, refers to the lack of ability to maintain urinary control during sleep. Though it is considered normal for children below 7 years old to have enuretic episodes, 5% of 10 year old and 3% of 12 year old children, and as many as 1-3% of 18-year-old teenagers may continue to experience this disorder.

Sleep Disorder – The Night Phantom

Sleep apnea is a condition when you stop breathing for a short interval repeatedly during sleep. Apnea means “Without Breath” in Greek; the word aptly describes the condition of patients suffering from sleep apnea. You may have breathing difficulty while sleeping, which may break your sleep also.

The Biggest Cause of Snoring – Obesity

Obesity and just being overweight is the cause or the worsening of nearly every disease or health condition. The biggest cause for snoring, and snoring is a symptom of many health conditions, is obesity. There are other causes, smoking, drinking, sleep medications and others, but without doubt being overweight is the biggest cause.

How to Get that Sleep You Wanted

As a child I never really understood the value of a good sleep, well who does? I would usually sneak out of bed in the afternoon when it was nap time. In the evening I would spend so much time watching television or play games and most often deprived myself of the 8 hours sleep my young body needed. But adults don’t have the same sleeping luxury as children and sometimes even suffer sleeping disorders.

How to Sleep Well

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to sleep. Tossing and turning. Your mind is racing, going over everything that happened today. Night noises keep you awake. What can you do? There ARE things you can do! Read on and learn some new tricks to sleep well.

A Sleep Study – What to Expect

This article describes in detail what you can expect during your sleep study or polysomnography test. You will be able to understand how the process of collecting multiple channels of physiological data allows sleep professionals to evaluate your condition and recommend the best treatment option.

Products and Aids to Help You Stop Snoring

Snoring is a symptom of a number of health conditions, however “regular” snoring by itself is not much more than irritating and distressing to the spouse, significant other and family members of the snore. In fact snoring can be damaging to relationships and snoring has become such a problem that it has become grounds for divorce.

Snoring and Smoking

Smoking is a big reason for a number of serious health conditions, lung cancer, as well as other forms of cancer, and heart disease, just to name a few. However, what you may not have realized is that it is also one of the causes of snoring.

Putting the Enemy to Sleep Instead of Killing Him on the Battlefield

In the future there may not be as many casualties on the battlefield as in previous human wars and this is because of new technologies being developed by the United States military’s research and development arm; DARPA. New non-lethal weapons along with robotics may in fact dominate the modern net-centric battlespace.

America’s Sleep Epidemic: Some Helpful Tips

Some helpful sleep tips for those who wish to improve the quality of their lives.

Are You Still Sleeping with That Pain in The Neck?

No I am not talking about your significant other. I am talking about your pillow. Are you still scrunching it in half, constantly adjusting it throughout the night, tossing and turning? A sleeping pillow is very personal, very individual. Pillows are not one size fits all. The right pillow ensures a good night’s sleep by keeping your head in the right position.

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