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Can Obesity Cause Snoring?

Snoring is a very common problem and happens when the muscles in the tongue and throat are relaxed during sleep. As you breathe in it causes these muscles to vibrate and produces the snoring sound. There are many types of snoring treatment available some of which are natural and others involve surgery.

Disruptive Apnea Snoring, Should Have Open Discussions On All Treatment Options

With the Prevalance of Disruptive Snoring and Sleep Apnea it may be time for the FDA to stress self help sleeping habits. These include weight loss, raising upper body and off the back sleep. These are all acknowledged on government and medical websites as very beneficial for both positional and non positional patients in lessening the effects of many sleep and other health conditions including snoring and sleep apnea.

Insomnia – Cures To Fight This Growing Epidemic

Insomnia cures are needed for this growing epidemic. More than a third of adults are suffering from sleep problems. It’s a scary statistic, however for a large proportion of the population it has become the norm.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation and Ending Itchy Bed Bug Bites

Helpful tips on recognizing a bed bug infestation. Information on where you can find bed bugs and what you can do to learn more.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Vacations – The CPAP Can Come Too

This article touches on the issue of lifestyle adaptation following a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea. It provides an insight into the portability of the newer CPAP machines and some useful traveling tips.

Can’t Sleep?

Oh, those restless nights, when nodding off seems impossible! I’ve had my share of them. I’ll bet you have, too. Recently, I heard a wonderful solution from a woman who devised a way to fall asleep when she was a kid. Her solution offers some valuable lessons about how to live in the now.

What is CPAP?

The following article provides a brief explanation of what CPAP is and how it works. It also provides some insight into the different uses for CPAP therapy.

What Causes Snoring?

Let’s face it, there isn’t anything more annoying than snoring. Snoring is usually caused by an obstruction to air while sleeping.

Is An Anti Snoring Device The Solution To Your Snoring Problems?

If you sleep with a snorer, then you may have looked into the various anti snoring device options on the market because snoring can be a major disturbance when it comes to getting sleep. Snoring can also be a major cause of trouble in relationships and even result in couples sleeping in different bedrooms.

Anti Snoring Pillows – Is An Anti Snoring Pillow The Remedy For Your Snoring?

So what in the world is an anti snoring pillow? Anti snoring pillows are actually used to position the head in such a way that snoring is eliminated during sleep. They’re affordable and can offer some relief from snoring, however they’re not the ultimate solution to solving the snoring dilemma for most.

Stop Snoring Problems With Proven Anti-Snoring Treatments

If you suffer from snoring or have someone close to you who does, then you understand the importance of finding a treatment that is effective in curing this annoying problem. Snoring has several different causes and before you can really find the proper treatment for it, it’s important to understand exactly why it is that you snore.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea – A New Epidemic?

Sleep disorders are surprisingly common. There are a range of exercises out there which can help the majority of people improve their quality of sleep.

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