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Is Sleep Apnea a Condition You’re Born With, or Can You Develop It?

Are you born with sleep apnea or do you develop it over time? The simple answer is “both” and here we’ll discuss why.

Tips and Tools to Help You Manage Your Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is just one of the sleep disorders that people can suffer through. It is defined as the onset of a desire to fall asleep that the person cannot control. This condition can lead to the sufferer falling asleep in a situation that can be extremely dangerous and inappropriate

What You Should Know About Sleep Apnea

There are many different types of sleep problems. Sometimes the trouble is with falling asleep and other times it is with staying asleep. You may wake often in the night or feel exhausted the next day no matter how much sleep you get.

Tart Cherry Juice Is An All Natural Sleep Aid

Tart Cherry Juice is a natural sleep aid according to many recent studies. This article details the benefits and the studies in question.

What Are Common Signs You Need Sleep Help?

Sleep is essential for allowing your body and mind to rest so you can function effectively during the day. If you are not getting the sleep you need, you may experience several symptoms that can clue you in that it’s time to look into seeing sleep disorder doctors.

Why Do We Need Sleep?

Human beings spend almost half of their lives asleep and many people view this as a waste of time. However, it has been proven time and time again that constant good sleeping patterns are not only good for ones physical health, but also for ones mental well being. There are a number of theories on why this is, below are some of the more plausible.

Snoring Mouthpiece: The Answer to Your Snoring Problems

Are you fed up of constantly waking up to the sound of your snoring roommate or bed partner? Well if that is the case then this article is just the right read for you. Snoring is typically an activity brought about due to poor sleeping position and blocked airways.

Most Common Types of Sleep Disorders

Aside from insomnia, there are still some other common sleep disorders that exist such as sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome and narcolepsy. Below are the brief explanations of each types of common sleep disorders:

Get Relief From Sleep Hyperhidrosis

Before you panic about those damp sheets and sleepless nights, consider the more likely and more innocent causes of your night sweats. Sweating at night is one of the most common concerns heard by primary care doctors, and in a vast majority of cases, the issues aren’t as serious as the patient fears.

Effectively Treat Your Sleep Apnea Positively

Treating sleep apnea doesn’t have to be a burden. There are many different sleep machines available on the market today with masks tailored to all kinds of sleeping problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Apnea

Many people experience some occasional difficulty sleeping and/or daytime fatigue. But how does a person know if he or she has a temporary sleep problem that can be remedied with some simple behavioral changes, or if it is a legitimate disorder such as sleep apnea that should be diagnosed and treated properly? Here are some “frequently asked questions” about sleep apnea to help you decide.

ZQuiet Anti Snore Mouthpiece Device – Made in USA and FDA Approved

Millions of us snore the night away. And the rest of us are plugging our ears every night because we sleep with someone that sounds like a broken chainsaw & I happen to be the one that was sawing logs in our house.

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