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Ambien Sleep Medication And Insomnia: What Is Insomnia And How Can Ambien Help?

Over the years, “sleeping pills” have gotten some pretty bad publicity. Many 50’s movie thrillers involved villains sneaking sleeping pills into the unsuspecting hero’s drink. Famous people (like the poet Sylvia Plath) attempted suicide with sleeping pills. It’s no wonder that you might feel reluctant to take a pill to help you sleep!

No More Sleepless Nights (Insomnia)

Insomnia is usually the result of the modern way of life and mental tension to which it leads. Innumerable persons suffer from insomnia. According to the available figures, sleeping pills worth millions of dollars are sold every year.

Co-sleeping, a personal story

When I was pregnant, we knew that we had some fairly fixed ideas about how we wanted to raise our child, including allowing her to share our bed for as long as she wanted to. We have been shocked and sometimes upset at other people’s reaction to what seemed to be a very instinctive decision, to sleep with our daughter.

Insomnia Fighters – Tea Recipe And Home Made Sachet Instruction To Help You Sleep Better

Lavender (L. angustifolia and others) is a shrubby flowering bush indigenous to the mountainous regions of the western Mediterranean and is considered have been first domesticated by the Arabians, then later spread across Europe by the Romans.

Insomnia Fighters – How To Go Back To Sleep When You Wake Up In The Middle of the Night

When you wake up in the middle of the night, it may be for one of several reasons of which you are not aware:

Insomnia Fighters – How To Sleep When You Have Money Worries

Worrying over money has probably kept more people awake than any other single cause. People who have money worry over losing it; people who have no money worry about acquiring it.

Insomnia Fighters – How To Sleep When Your Work is on Your Mind

Worrying over your work night and day won’t make you richer, but it may make you die sooner. It’s even bad economics. For example, a $100,000-a-year executive who dies fifteen years prematurely has lost $1,500,000.

Broken Sleep

Waking up during the night gives me a chance to focus on what I am most wanting while my soul has been in a state of ‘non-resistance’ (asleep).

Sleep Strategies: How To Get A Good Nights Sleep And Be More Productive

Have you ever woken from a long sleep and thought you have only been asleep a few minutes? Have you ever been asleep for a ‘power nap’ and felt you’ve been asleep for hours? Can you sleep anywhere? Do you need your own pillow for a good nights sleep? We all have different relationships with sleep. Some of us can sleep no problem – others struggle each night. This is such an essential element of our health and affects our productivity greatly so we want to ensure we do whatever is required to get effective sleep. Some of these tips might help you.

Bedtime and Sleep Habits

Bedtime and children’s sleep habits can cause nightmares – for parents, that is! Often at the end of a long day all you want is a little peace and time for yourself. After all, you have probably devoted the entire to the service of children in some form.

5 Keys to Better Sleep

Do you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep? What you are about to read may make a huge difference to your future health! Being well rested is essential to our wellbeing and is a major key in l…

Sleep: 10 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The simplest way to tell if you’re getting enough is by noticing every morning – do you feel rested? Do you wake up without an alarm clock and feel ready to get right out of bed and start your day?

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