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Be Careful! Insomnia Drug May Alleviate Or Worsen Insomnia

Dealing with insomnia drug is not as simple as it may seem to be. It takes honesty of a patient and adequate knowledge and skill of a doctor.

Are You Sleeping?

All of us love sleep. After a meal we feel sleepy, when we do a lot of work we feel tired and require rest in the form of sleep. Sleep refreshes our mind and provides us better power to concentrate on our tasks.

How to Fall Asleep Fast For Kids

Trying to get your children to go to bed can be an ordeal, especially if they are not tired. Just like an adult, everyone needs a sleep routine to condition the mind and body that it is bedtime.

Good Advice For Insomniacs

When you don’t manage to sleep properly the repercussions can seriously affect your health. Lack of sleep is now being connected with increased risk of diabetes, heart problems and obesity. I suffer from chronic insomnia myself and know that I regularly eat during the night – sometimes just because I’m so bored. In this article, I’m going to pass on the latest rules of sleep hygiene and hope it will help any of you who suffer from persistent insomnia.

How to Fall Asleep Quickly

Sleep deprivation can cause us not only to need an attitude adjustment, because we are cranky and short with others; we also have mental lapses and lack concentration as we fight sleep to get through our day. With occasional sleeplessness, we can overcome our restlessness as we try to catch up on our zzz’s on the weekend or an afternoon nap. A chronic sleep disorder can cause additional health problems such as; obesity, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Sleep Panic Attacks – What You Need to Know About in Order to Stop Your Nighttime Frets

When you go to bed, the last thing you’re worried about is a panic attack while you’re sleeping. After all, the only thing you are focused on is getting your six to eight hours of rest so that you can face the next day. Would you be surprised to learn that sleep panic attacks are very common? Up to 70 percent of people who suffer with a panic disorder will suffer with sleep panic attacks and they can be very scary to suffer from. Yet, what exactly are they?

Which Natural Sleep Aids Are the Best?

There are different natural sleep aids for different levels of sleep issues. Knowing what symptoms or conditions you are suffering from is the best way of figuring out which natural sleep method is best.

How to Fall Asleep at Night Without the Stress

We all know that feeling of being dog tired, but sleep just won’t come. It has the knock on effect of you being exhausted the next day and literally having to drag yourself from your bed. Here are a few things you can try to improve the situation.

Where to Buy Natural Sleep Aids

If you are looking for natural sleep aids in order to tackle your insomnia or other sleep related issues, there are plenty of places where you can find the products you need. Because natural sleep aids are available over the counter you do not necessarily need to get a doctor’s prescription. However, it is typically recommended to first make an appointment to consult with your doctor to help pinpoint exactly what the root of your sleep issues are.

Is Lack of Sleep Killing Our Teens? Part One

It is Wednesday morning, my sons are driving me nuts, yawning, grumpy, moping about the house when I am finally able to drive them from their beds. On the weekends I never see them. They sleep I swear the whole weekend and get out of their bed only to eat or go to a party.

Loss of Sleep is Stealing Your Teenager’s Life

We all know that teenagers are notorious for staying up late and being incredibly hard to get up in the morning. My teens, all three of them have defiantly been no exception to that. I’m sure you believe like I did, that they were just being lazy or contrary to the rules.

Insomnia Remedies – The Science Behind Sleep-Inducing Foods

The type of foods we eat in the evening can have a pronounced effect on the quality of our sleep. One of the keys to a restful night’s sleep is to calm and relax the brain, rather than stimulating it.

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