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Do You Like to Lie-In?

Many of us like to lie-in and spend extra time in bed at weekends, enjoying a much-anticipated break. We maybe have breakfast in bed, catch up on our sleep, get cosy with our partners. But when having a lie-in becomes less of a treat and increasingly part of our regular routine it loses its benefits and charm. Lying-in and over-sleeping then becomes a problem.

Struggling to Sleep in the Heat?

Almost a third of people (62%) say they struggle to sleep in very hot weather. Even if they use a fan it appears to make very little difference, simply circulating the warm air around. Here are some tips to help.

Do You Wind Down Before Bed?

Sleep has long been an issue. Even before coronavirus 90% of adults said they didn’t get enough sleep and in 2018 a survey found that stress and sleep-related issues cost UK businesses £40 billion.Treating sleep as important and winding down before bed is a crucial element in getting a good night’s sleep.

Are You Experiencing Weird Dreams?

Many people are reporting disturbed sleeping patterns and weird dreams during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s hardly surprising that during times of disruption, disturbance and crisis people struggle to calm their minds and enjoy a restful, beneficial, good night’s sleep. Here are some ways to support better sleep and dreams at this time.

Do You Prefer to Sleep Alone?

An increasing number of us are choosing to sleep alone. In fact a recent survey has revealed that as many as 1/6 British couples sleep apart, with 89% of them choosing to sleep in separate rooms. Whilst this decision is often viewed as a betrayal of our relationship is it such a bad thing if we choose to sleep alone?

Sleep and the Farmer

Many people in the farming industry regularly work from morning till night, every moment being filled with labour-intensive activity. Certain times of the year are especially busy due to seasonal or climatic demands. Here some tips when you’re in need of help to get some sleep.

Sleep and the Shift Worker

On the face of it shift work and flexible working patterns can seem like great options. You’re free to do things when others are at work. And from a business perspective shift patterns provide full 24 hour cover and maximise efficiency. But for the worker, the reality soon dawns that people you want to spend time with are busy, at work, or you’re unavailable because you’re catching up on sleep. This can lead to stress, FOMO, a sense of isolation and ultimately health concerns. Here are some tips to help.

What You Absolutely Must Know Before You Get a CPAP or Corrective Surgery for Snoring or Sleep Apnea

Snoring is a common problem among adults, and sleep apnea can be quite dangerous to your health when left untreated. However, before you run out and get a CPAP or let a doctor talk you into corrective surgery, you will want to know all the facts before making a lifelong commitment, often with many negative consequences.

Does Your Teenager Need More Sleep?

More than 180,000 people in the UK have backed a call to start the school day later so that teenagers can have more time to sleep. Teenagers are reportedly so tired that it is affecting their school work and ability to achieve their full potential. Is this proposal an indulgence, or is there a genuine case for cutting our children some slack and letting them have a lie in?

20 Minute Plan Adds Meditation in Your Personal Development, Reduces Stress and Improves Sleep

Improve your sleep, sleep deeper, reduce stress when you add a simple routine for meditation to your life. Review benefits and simple techniques.

Do You Struggle to Get Out of Bed in the Morning?

What’s your reaction when the alarm clock goes off in the morning? Do you automatically hit the snooze button, desperately craving just another 10 minutes peace? When we read that 90% adults say they don’t get enough sleep and that stress and sleep-related issues cost UK businesses £40 billion last year it’s no wonder that sleep and sleep tips receive so much attention in the media.

What Does Sleep Deprivation Look Like?

Are you getting enough sleep. What does sleep deprivation look like in children and adults.

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