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Top 7 All Natural Sleep Remedies For Insomnia

Insomnia can be a real problem and it can affect our daily performance in a negative way. There are many medications and over the counter drugs you can take that will knock you out for sure, but that’s not always the best answer and sometimes those drugs can have an even worse affect on you the next day than just being tired. We suggest you try a more natural approach and try these natural insomnia remedies instead.

Good Sleep Tips – Effective Ways to Get Better Sleep

For some people getting a good nights sleep is incredibly hard. I used to have massive problems getting and staying asleep and used to spend most of my day hours worrying about my lack of sleep. In this article i will share some simple tips to that helped me turn around my sleep levels and helped me improve the quality of my life.

How to Use Simple Breathing Techniques to Cure Your Insomnia

Are you sick and tired of spending hours staring at the ceiling trying to get asleep? One simple breathing technique might be all you need to stop that problem forever.

When to Invest in a Brand New Bed Mattress

The bed is sagging, aches and pains are everywhere upon waking, rest is a lot more restful somewhere other than the bedroom plus the mattress is 5 many years old or a lot more. If this list sounds familiar, then it can be past time to obtain a brand new bed mattress.

Cherry Juice Could Help You Sleep Better

Children are given a glass of milk before bed to help them sleep the night away….but what about us adults? Drinking cherry juice could help you fall asleep faster due to the melatonin found in the super fruits.

What Makes a Mattress Comfortable?

Some simple tips to help you understand what makes a mattress comfortable. Mattress comfort is something we should all pause to consider seeing as we spend nearly half our lives in bed.

Why People Dream

Ever wonder why people dream? If there’s a difference between dreams and nightmares? Scientists study sleep and dreams every day, and they’re starting to figure out what it all means…dreaming is a way to organize the brain’s thoughts and emotions.

Snoring Cures – How Snoring Cures Give You Back Your Energy

Snoring can be a bit of a problem for couples who share a bed. This is because the person snoring often doesn’t even realize that he or she is snoring.

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is essential and without it humans (and most mammals) can experience hallucinations, memory loss and serious fatigue. Since your body does most of its growing during sleep, kids and teens need to get a lot more shut-eye than adults.

Sleep Apnea Numbers Underestimated in Atrial Fibrillation Patients

Atrial Fibrillation, or irregular heart rhythms, can lead to death when paired with other dangerous disorders. Sleep apnea is one of those disorders. Thankfully, proper identification and treatment can virtually eliminate the danger.

Treatment For Sleep Insomnia – Alter Your Schedule a Little to Sleep More at Night

When was the last time you had a good nights sleep? I bet you would kill to find a treatment for sleep insomnia that would allow you to get some sleep tonight. Well I am here to tell you that insomnia can be beaten.

Can People Really Control Their Own Dreams? “Inception” Explained

Since the release of “Inception” a few weeks ago it has consistently been the most watched movie in America. The movie’s focus is on controlling your own dreams, which in the case of Leonardo DiCaprio means dozens of large explosions and close-call chases. Perhaps your dreams would be a bit different, but the movie does bring an important question to the table….can we control our own dreams? Scientist and sleep researcher Rosalind Cartwright says “yes.”

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