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Improve Your Sleep With One Simple Step

Believe or not, one of the major reasons why people are not getting enough sleep is technology. Video games, emails, internet, and television all play a major role in disturbing our sleeping habits. Many of us will even get up in the middle of the night to check our email. Not only do these bad habits lead to loss of sleep but they also diminish the quality of our sleep.

REM Sleep – What Age Group is Affected the Most?

While REM sleep is most often associated with the subject of dreaming, there is much more to this all-important stage of sleep than dreams. As the brain regions specific to learning are stimulated during REM sleep, this is one factor which makes this particular stage of sleep so important. In infants, whose REM stage is significantly more pronounced, the simple act of sleeping greatly contributes to the child’s brain development.

Food, Insomnia – What Does One Have to Do With the Other?

Many people experience difficulties in falling asleep or staying asleep due to their diets. Sometimes this means consuming the wrong foods or beverages; sometimes it means consuming them at the wrong time or in unreasonable quantities. If you learn how your diet affects you, you will be in the best position to make reasonable changes when necessary.

5 Sleep Stages – How to Keep Your Body and Mind in Peak Condition

There are five stages of sleep which continue through a cycle during the period of sleeping. Although the specific amount of time spent in each stage varies, it is most beneficial if the sleep stages are not interrupted, as each has its own particular function and purpose.

Extreme Sleepiness – Is Your Mental State Fuzzy and Unfocused?

Nearly everyone has suffered from extreme sleepiness at some point in their lives. For many people it is a recurring or ongoing problem. You are probably familiar with it yourself – the way you feel when you simply cannot keep your eyes open for another moment. Perhaps you have given in to extreme sleepiness, even when it meant falling asleep at inappropriate times or in an inappropriate situation.

Asleep Eye – Learn Habits That Will Enhance Your Life

You may have wondered if there can be any negative results to falling asleep while wearing contact lenses in your eyes. While this can be a problem for anyone who wears lenses, it is often more of a factor for adolescents and young adults who have the tendency to not take good preparation for sleep seriously.

Snoring Tips That Are Bound to Help!

People have literally snored for centuries but no one has ever analyzed the actual reasons behind the phenomenon. Let’s face it! Hardly anyone likes a spouse who snores incessantly, so here are a few tips that might be able to help.

Stop Snoring Today

If you or your partner snores, you have probably tried just about anything to make it stop. There are sleep studies available, surgeries, nose plugs, you name it. My stepfather actually had surgery done and he still snores to this day. He might have stopped for a few days, but then started right up shortly after. So, I am convinced that if you snore, then you snore. There is no way out which may or may not be true, depending on the person.

Can’t Sleep? Here’s How You Can Get More Rest

Can’t sleep night after night? What a miserable feeling. Do you wake up, and you hope that the time is somewhere close to the time you wanted to get up, but are dejected when you see you have only slept for three hours? It should not be this way!

An Old Theory to Stop Snoring!

Amazingly, after looking through some of the reviews and such via the Internet it was unbelievable to find some of the ways individuals have attempted to stop snoring. This theory was crazy however it was something individuals actually tried in an attempt to quite snoring. The theory, as crazy as it sounds, was breaking the individual’s nose!

Looking For Sleep Help? It’s Not at the Drugstore

Do you feel tired every day and wired every night? That pretty much describes someone who needs sleep help. Insomnia can affect anyone. Almost everyone has trouble sleeping a few nights here and there. A surprising number of people struggle with insomnia all the time. Fortunately there are several options available if you need sleep help to get through the night.

How to Find Real Insomnia Cures

Are you struggling with insomnia? Insomnia simply means you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Sleep surveys tell us over and over again that almost everyone has trouble with insomnia sometimes. A surprising number of people struggle with chronic insomnia. It seems like a cruel joke that our modern world requires so much more of us during the day, but we are getting less rest at night.

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