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Insomnia is Common

Insomnia is more common than you think. It is a serious condition, one in which you have great difficulty falling and staying asleep. However, the condition varies from each person to person; some may fall asleep easily but then wake up several times throughout the night.

Determine Your Sleep Personality

How one sleeps can reveal a lot about who an individual is during their waking hours. Researchers who have been studying sleep patterns have been able to link personality traits to the position they sleep in at night. Each of the sleep styles is listed below and will be identified.

Snoring Solutions – What Really Works?

It is not only men, who snore but a vast majority of women who also snore. Being a spouse of a snoring wife can be quite a challenge especially, if the husband is a non snorer. From petty irritability to be on the verge of a divorce, habitual snoring in a relationship can create havoc.

Simple Steps to Stop Snoring

Just as the frequency of snores is based individually same goes for the reasons that cause snoring in the first place. However, snoring is not only an issue with the snorer but becomes a headache for the whole family. Usually snoring is taken to be an accepted pattern in life but why put up with so much noise and sleeplessness when there are solutions?

Is Your Child Hyperactive? Is it ADHD Or Snoring?

If you are finding that you are at the receiving end of school complaints about low attention span, daydreaming in the class or even hyperactivity, you may be surprised to know that the main culprit is night time snoring of your kid. There can be a variety of reasons why a child snores apart from it being hereditary. From allergies to obesity, a multitude of reasons can be causing it so it is best to get medical attention at the earliest.

Do Anti Snoring Nose Drops Work?

A few anti snoring nose drops help to lubricate the mucous membrane of the air passages and tighten the throat muscles, reducing the vibration of the tissues which leads to lower snoring rate. Similar to nose drops are throat sprays which work on a similar mode. Just spray and swallow and that allow the natural ingredients to coat the throat surface, lubricating d tightening tissues.

The Frustrations of Insomnia

When you suffer from sleeplessness it can be frustrating to tackle. Trying everything you can think of such as counting sheep, drinking hot milk and reading a book before sleep might not offer any solution, but it’s important to be patient when you have trouble sleeping.

Watch What You Eat Before You Sleep

Did you realize that eating before bedtime may be one of the causes of your insomnia? The fact of the matter is, having too much on your stomach whenever you go to sleep can cause some serious sleeping problems. The reason why this is the case is because it kicks in our digestive process and does not allow our body to get into the deep state of sleep that we really need in order to wake feeling refreshed. Does that mean, however, that all eating should be banished before we go to bed? The answer might surprise you.

The Many Different Types of Insomnia

Insomnia actually describes the symptoms of disturbed sleep – rather than an illness in itself. This is usually defined by the duration of the symptoms and the underlying causes. This article lists 5 common types of insomnia to help you better understand this common condition.

The Truth About Sleeping

Sleep science is a big deal. People spend a lot of time and money studying how to improve sleep. The science is important because there are a lot of false beliefs about sleep out there.

My Roommate’s Snoring

Have you ever slept close to a person who snores so hard you could not sleep for the whole night? Snoring leaves you, the victimized partner, feeling bad and having to endure sleepless nights all clouded by some very unpleasant noises.

Cures For Snoring

It is never possible to cure something if we do not know what it is or what causes it. Snoring is the production of some unpleasant sound through the nasal cavity and as a result of the obstruction of air as it moves along the air passage.

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