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History of Sleep Remedies

The earliest forms of sleeping remedies are found in ancient Greece and Egypt. The most common form of sleep aid used in the ancient world was opium, which despite its many negative side effects and addictive nature actually is quite effective in inducing sleep. In ancient Greek paintings and statues the Greek God of sleep, Hypnos, was usually shown holding a poppy flower.

CPAP Cleaning – A Lazy Man’s Guide

I’m a fairly black and white kind of guy, so when I first got CPAP, I actually read the care and maintenance instructions. I’m also a fairly lazy kind of guy, so half-way through reading them, I stopped and gave up. These are the tips and tricks I use to take care of my CPAP supplies and not drive myself up the wall.

Out-Thinking Insomnia Number 2 – How to Defeat Insomnia Naturally – Tip and Stratergies

We have discussed the stupendous importance of thought on what your insomnia will cause you. Let us explore some specifics; Usually when you have insomnia you feel like dirt. You have no energy, feel blown out, and may be ready to collapse.

Out-Thinking Insomnia Number 3 – How to Defeat Insomnia Naturally – Tip and Stratergies

We have discussed the importance of containing your thoughts and worries about insomnia, and we have suggested that feelings of low energy, incompetence or impaired judgment are to be taken as just feelings, not necessarily as accurate representations of reality. We have suggested a specific exercise to cope with those feelings, and keep them from running our lives. There exists certain studies that do indicate that sleep-deprivation makes one more accident prone, and some studies even indicate that your judgment may be somewhat affected.

Stop Snoring Solutions – Throat Exercises For Snoring

If you are looking for a safe and easy way to stop your snoring once and for all, you owe it to yourself to check out these throat snoring exercises. They do work, and you can get lasting results in about two months if you practice daily.

Utilizing Sleeping Aids That Are Safe

If you suffer from sleep problems but don’t want to run the risk of becoming addicted to drug-based sleeping pills, then consider natural sleeping aids. To learn more about insomnia and how you can beat it the natural way, keep reading.

ResMed, Respironics and Fisher & Paykel – The Big Boys of Sleep

Fisher & Paykel has been the ugly stepchild to ResMed and Respironics in the author’s opinion… until now. ResMed and Respironics have always loomed large as the big boys of the Sleep Apnea industry.

What Causes Sleep Disorders, and How to Find Affordable Treatment

Sleep disorders have affected millions of lives and caused people to lose hundreds of hours of sleep each year. Learn more about what causes these sleep disorders, and how you can find very affordable treatment/cure options that will give you that good nights sleep you dream of.

How to Get Rid of Insomnia Fast

Insomnia affects about 64 million people in the US and many more around the world. There are many ways to end this sore in the lives of many. Over the counter pills and prescriptions are commonly used, but there are also a number of traditional and natural remedies to get rid of insomnia as well.

The Causes For Insomnia

Insomnia is a major problem that plenty of people have faced from time to time. I’ve even had my share of insomnia and I can tell you from first-hand experience of how treacherous it can be to the day after. Many people become cranky and irritable and also many automobile-related accidents have been caused by those who simply did not get enough sleep the night before they were on the road.

Good Anti Snoring Remedies – Try Them

Absolutely everyone including babies and animals will occasionally snore from time to time, but for all of those unfortunate individuals that can’t seem to ever get a break from the nightly snoring, many good anti-snoring options are now readily available. Some are better than others…why?

New Research on Fast Acting Anti Snoring Remedies

Even though there are more snoring problems than ever before, we also finally now have much more information of the many snoring issues that have been literally growing over the past few decades. It is true that getting older can be a big contributor to a growing snoring problem. Is it your reason to snore or is it something else?

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