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Does Everyone Need 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night?

One third of our life is used for sleeping. Do you have sleep problems? Can you sleep less than 8 hours or even less than 4 hours? Find out whether you need to sleep 8 hours every night or not!

How To Beat Insomnia

Insomnia affects a large portion of the population at one time or another. So what can you do when it’s you that is being troubled by this particular problem?

Stop Snoring – Do Snoring Exercises Help You Stop Snoring or is it Another Scam?

These exercises are scientifically linked to the principle that snoring is caused by weak throat muscles that collapse during sleep. Therefore, they make some sense after all as they are aimed at strengthening the throat and jaw muscles which is directly related to snoring.

Sound Conditioners

Sound conditioners will help you and your family sleep better. The white noise machine effect of a sound conditioner is great for babies, children and adults.

Insomnia – Ten Things You May Wish To Know About It

Insomnia defined as want of sleep; is used popularly to indicate any impairment in duration, depth, or restorative properties of sleep. Insomnia may occur as a primary disorder (without identifiable cause); as a secondary manifestation of psychiatric illness, anxiety, drug use, or medical conditions; and in association with other disorders of sleep such as sleep apnea.

How To Fall Asleep

The way I approach sleep is comfort. If you are in a comfortable zone, you are less likely to be worrying about things which increases your brain activity, blood flow, and heart rate. So, the first step in that I like to introduce you to is do is alter your surroundings. Ask yourself, Is my bed sleep conducive. Is it too soft that my muscles are buried in it and leave me cramped and folded? Is it too hard and won’t allow me to get comfortable?

Goodbye Insomnia, Hello Sleepwriting!

What keeps you up at night? Your to do list? Worries? The bills? Write yourself to sleep.

15 Tips To Better Sleep

Tired of not being able to sleep? Feeling tired throughout the day because of poor sleep. Check out these 15 tips to help you sleep better.

Menopause, Sleep and Men

About once a month, for the past few years, I’ve noticed an unusual pattern develop among some of my young male patients. The reason why I hadn’t noticed it until recently was because the details came to me in fragments–like the many pieces of a complex puzzle. Furthermore, since I had no complete picture or any clinical precepts as points of reference, the pattern remained as is: disjointed and nonsensical.

The Culprits – Causes of Snoring

What truly causes a person to snore? This question can be quite hard to answer when talking of only one cause. There are many basic, smaller contributors that all combine into a greater foundation of the problem.

Stop Snoring – Vocal Exercises To Help You Stop Snoring

Yes, there is and it cuts down the intensity of your snoring. There are many vocal exercises you can do to stop snoring and they all seek to tighten up your throat muscles and prevent them from rubbing together while you sleep. You will need to practice these exercises for at least 3 months before seeing any improvement.

Stop Snoring – Recommended Stop Snoring Aids

There are some aids available for people who want to stop snoring and want to avoid going under the knife. These aids have been proven to be successful in helping people reduce their snoring.

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