Mindfulness Meditation for Deep Sleep: Recovery from Insomnia & Over-Thinking (Guided Meditation)

Back Pain From Sleeping Wrong? Here Are Some Sleep Positions To Help

Want to cure back pain due to sleeping in the wrong position? Here are some help…

Why Do 9 Million People Need Sleeping Pills?

There was an article recently that stated that 9 million people are receiving prescriptions for sleeping pills. This shows the true issue with healthcare in America. We want an instant solution and we do not want to do any work. We also do not consider that medication does not give us the same type of sleep natural sleep gives the body.

Tired and in Need of a Good Night’s Sleep?

Many of us are so busy throughout each day that we neglect to consider the important role of quality sleep. Here’s an article that offers some thoughts on getting a better night’s sleep and, as such, helping to improve the other areas of your life too.

Ergonomic Pillow: A Natural Way to Insomnia Cure

Insomnia is no longer an unfamiliar term. It is a kind of sleep disorder that affects both quality as well as quantity of sleep. There are three basic forms of Insomnia – Transient Insomnia, Acute Insomnia & Chronic insomnia.

Sleep Apnea Advice That Can Work For You

Many people assume waking up tired in the morning is normal, and they just need to deal with it. The fact of the matter is that sleep apnea afflicts lots of people and is never realized as the culprit. This article will provide you with useful information about the sleep apnea disorder.

Want to Make a Good Hammock Great? Add a Splash of Comfort

As a general rule, natural fibers tend to result in more comfortable hammocks than synthetic ones. This is one area where American made hammocks generally miss the boat. The all-weather Duracord, Sunbrella or even Polyester hammocks are great for leaving resisting the elements and being left outdoors for months on end.

Good Night’s Sleep Depends on a Good Bedding Set

Everyone wants to wake up fresh in the morning. But sleeping in an uncomfortable bedding set will only make you feel grouchy in the morning. A soft bedding set can ensure that you have a sound sleep and a happy day following.

Juicing for Better Sleep

As we get older we find it harder and harder to get a good nights sleep. Juicing raw fruits and vegetables together can get your health back in balance which will help you get the sleep you need.

Everything You Want To Know About Snoring

Snoring is a regular noisy breathing pattern during sleep. It has been reported that there is about 90 million American adults are suffering snoring problem in every single night. This article provides the best comprehensive review about how to stop snoring using various new anti-snoring devices and technologies to improve you and your bedmate’s sleeping quality.

How To Manage Your Sleep Apnea

Sleep is paramount for any individual. Without sufficient rest, your day to day activities will not be undertaken properly. Learn ways on how you can resolve your sleep-related troubles here.

Ten Hours of Sleep or 4.5 Hours of Lying There and 5.5 of Sleeping

The other day, I was talking to an acquaintance of mine and he told me that he slept about 10 hours a day. I thought that was pretty good, and I would sure like to sleep that much, and then he explained that while he was in bed for 10 hours a day, it wasn’t all sleeping. Some he described as relaxation and meditation, but the reality was he was probably having trouble sleeping because he couldn’t turn off his mind or did into a sleep state. Still, I wonder if this counts or not?

A Hammock in the Bedroom? Why Not?

In a hammock (without a spreader bar) your are naturally cocooned slightly, with your head raised that ideal 10-30% and your feet raised too. By varying your laying position you can increase or decrease these angles to find what’s best for you.

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