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Before I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Bedding is an important habitat for house dust mites (HDM), and indeed acts as a sink for mite allergens. Dust from the bed often has higher allergen concentrations than other parts of the house. They are also the only site where allergen levels are associated with severity of asthma. Beds have for a long time been suggested as the most important source of house dust mite allergen exposure for children, due to the fact that infants and children alike spend more than half their time in close contact with bedding.

The Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia is a rather common sleep complaint for which there are many possible causes. For each sufferer, a proper diagnosis and treatment plan needs to address the underlying reason for the condition, in order to bring about satisfactory results.

Insomnia is Not an Incurable Disease! It’s Simply a Sleep Disorder Than Can Definitely Be Cured!

Many people who have suffered from insomnia for a long time have resigned themselves to accepting their condition as unavoidable; an illness they must learn to endure. This is certainly not correct. Insomnia cannot be compared to an incurable disease. It can certainly be cured. There are effective solutions one can use to solve sleep problems.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Without Using Drugs

Sadly, too few people do not get the sleep they need in their day. They struggle with it and they fight with it to get the best sleep they can before they have to go off to work the next day.

I Snore, My Partner Hates It And I Feel Like Death Warmed Up Each Morning!

Do you or your sleeping partner need some help with a snoring problem? Are you tired of having to drag yourself out of bed each morning feeling tired, grumpy and like you could do with another hour or two of quality sleep? Well maybe help is finally at hand, because according to a well respected Australian Clinical Nutritionist in his latest book ‘Essential Stop Snoring Secrets’, simply by making the correct dietary and lifestyle choices your snoring can be controlled and in many instances even totally eliminated.

Why Do I Snore? A Simple-To-Understand Guide To What Causes Snoring & How To Stop It For Good

Snoring is definitely no laughing matter. Some think it’s funny, even make jokes about it, but it is far more of a serious problem than simply being an annoying inconvenience for those sleeping within earshot.

Functional Rhinoplasty Can Improve Sleep and Snoring

Rhinoplasty, or nose job surgery, is often performed to improve the appearance of the nose, but frequently it is done to improve the function of the nose as well. A nose that looks good should also function well. Being able to move adequate air through the nasal passages is a key function of the nose. When patients are not able to breathe through the nose, particularly at night, they are predisposed to snoring, which can interfere with sleep. More important, nasal obstruction can also contribute to symptoms of sleep apnea, in which blockage of the airway causes a cyclical sleep-arousal cycle, and can predispose patients to additional health problems.

A Safe Solution For Restful Sleep

It’s often the case that no area of your daily life needs more attention than creating a safe refuge for restful, revitalizing sleep. In lifestyles where we regularly depend on the fast pace of our lives to accomplish all our daily tasks, it can be easy to over look our body’s need for deep and restful sleep. We just can’t put our best foot forward when a poor mattress robs us of the quality sleep we require. A natural latex mattress provides the most comfortable possible sleeping environment, by providing unbelievable support for your body weight and contours.

Help to Quit Snoring

This article explains various ways to assist you to quit snoring. It provides tips to follow to eliminate snoring when you sleep.

Amnesty International Categorizes Sleep Deprivation As Torture – My Child Tortures Me Every Night

Millions of long suffering parents worldwide have a child who tortures them every night with a snoring racket that can rival the noise of a chainsaw in full swing. But being kept awake night after sleepless night is only half the story, because your child’s snoring just may be an indicator of future potential health complications if their current breathing disorder is not adequately addressed whilst they are young.

Stop Snoring Exercises for the Sleep Deprived

If you’re a chronic snorer, unfortunately you most likely DO suffer from this syndrome because your snoring prevents you from experiencing proper REM sleep. Well, don’t despair! If you can spare just 10 minutes each day, you can be well on the way to putting a permanent end to your snoring.

Insomnia Medications – What Are The Limitations And Side Effects

Insomnia medications are one of the most easy-to-use treatments to help get a good night’s sleep. They usually come in two variants–short-term and long-term drugs–depending on the length of the period of administration. Most are designed for a maximum course of three weeks.

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