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The Shocking Truth About How To Conquer, Cure And Eliminate Insomnia Completely Drug Free!

Many of us experience the occasional night of sleeplessness without any consequences. It is when the occasional night here and there becomes a pattern of several nights in a row that you are faced with a sleeping problem.

A Journey’s Beginning – Recovering From 20 Plus Years of Insomnia

What if your occasional nights of sleeplessness turned into a chronic 20+-year battle with insomnia? Thinking that it was necessary to take sleep medication in order to get just a few hours of rest. The demands of running their own successful company definitely took its toll.

Insomnia – What is it?

Insomnia is just one of the many different types of sleep disorders that can play havoc with our nightly rest. Understand the challenges and learn an easy technique to help eliminate the daily tension and stress from your life, which will ultimately benefit your sleep.

Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea – What’s the Difference?

He gasps, he snorts, and he is grappling for breath! He likely has sleep apnea. Understand the differences between snoring and sleep apnea. One can be life-threatening, the other a huge annoyance, particularly for you as the bed partner. This needs to be professionally diagnosed for the ongoing health of the sufferer.

Insomnia Vs Poor Sleep Quality

Poor sleep quality can occur as a result of sleep apnea or major depression. Poor sleep quality is caused by the individual not reaching stage 4 or delta sleep which has restorative properties. There are, however, people who are unable to achieve stage 4 sleep due to brain damage who still lead perfectly normal lives.

Remedy For Insomnia

Besides being a natural remedy for insomnia, milk also has the added benefit of being a significant source of calcium. While there are other “natural’ substances that can act as a natural remedy or cure for insomnia, such as drinking chamomile tea, taking honey, or a warm glass of milk shortly before sleep. 123-ABC Meditation for sleep – Another easy natural remedy for insomnia.

Natural Cure For Insomnia

There is but one problem with this natural cure for insomnia, there are many fraudulent products that claim to have the scientifically determined REAL frequencies for Delta but in reality, fail utterly. People’s interest in aromatherapy is aroused when certain essential oils can genuinely alleviate the conditions of some illnesses, which are hard to cure even in hospitals, such as mental fragility, depression and insomnia. These bored groundhogs had tried everything to cure their insomnia but nothing seemed to work.

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is now more frequently advised for conditions which research has linked to problems with sleep duration (especially short sleep duration) such as bipolar disorder, depression, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and obesity. Sleep hygiene has also been linked to school performance.

Complimentary And Alternative Medicine For Insomnia

Recent research has shown that cognitive behavior therapy can be more effective than medication in controlling insomnia. In this therapy, patients are taught improved sleep habits and relieved of counter-productive assumptions about sleep.

Sleeping Disorder – Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder characterized by the inability to fall asleep and/or the inability to remain asleep for a reasonable amount of time. Insomniacs have been known to complain about being unable to close their eyes or “rest their mind” for more than a few minutes at a time. Both organic and non-organic insomnia constitute a sleep disorder.

More Insomnia Remedies

Melatonin has proved effective for some insomniacs in regulating the sleep/waking cycle, but lacks definitive data regarding efficacy in the treatment of insomnia. Melatonin agonists, including Ramelteon (Rozerem), seem to lack the potential for abuse and dependence. This class of drugs has a relatively mild side effect profile and lower likelihood of causing morning sedation.

Understanding Narcolepsy – Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Narcolepsy is a misunderstood type of sleeping disorder mainly because its symptoms can easily be misdiagnosed. In essence, this is a type of sleeping disorder whereby the narcoleptic gets sleep attacks during the day – often called excessive daytime sleepiness disorder (EDS).

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