Individual Sleep Problems

Individual Sleep Problems

sleep problems

Excessively sleepy or fatigued during the day?

There are many sleep disorders that can cause excessive daytime sleepiness or fatigue. People can be totally unaware that they are having sleep problems such as apnea or periodic limb movements during sleep that cause them to be impaired during the day. Often their bed partners may be aware of these problems, but, in some cases, the problems are subtle and can only be identified by a trained sleep medicine specialist and the proper testing. For those who would like more detailed information on sleep disorders, and how they impact our sleep and our lives, there is a further discussion at this link.

Do you have trouble going to and staying asleep?

There are many reasons to have insomnia. These can include: poor sleep habits, medical problems, depression, and Restless Limb Syndrome, to mention a few.

Regardless of your problem, help is available.


Identify your problem

The following links may help you get a better idea about which specific sleep disorder you may have.


Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Excessive snoring may be more than a nuisance. It may be a sign of a serious medical disorder called sleep apnea, where people periodically stop breathing in their sleep. Read more >


Narcolepsy is generally characterized by sudden and uncontrollable sleep attacks and persistent daytime sleepiness. Read more >


Insomnia, which is the most common sleep disorder, is the inability to go to sleep or to stay asleep. Read more >

Children’s Sleep Disorders

Children can also suffer from a wide variety of sleep disorders. The symptoms of childhood sleep disorders can be entirely different from the symptoms of adults. For example, in children, sleep apnea can cause daytime hyperactivity, irritability, and even failure to develop physically and mentally.

Restless Limb Syndrome

Restless Limb Syndrome, also called Restless Legs Syndrome, is a sleep disorder that is characterized by uncomfortable, restless sensations in a person’s arms or legs that can cause difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep. Even when they do fall asleep, they can have kicking or thrashing movements that keep them from getting into a deep sleep, leading to excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue. Read more >


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