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Snoring, Why Surgery can be a Bad Idea

One of the nicest things about living in the 21st century is the amount of surgical options available to more people, including more and more people in the developing world (though, obviously, not enough).

Lunesta For Insomnia: How To Cure Insomnia And Sleep Like A Log With Lunesta

When was the last time you enjoyed a good night’s sleep? I’m talking about feeling tired, heavy, and relaxed – the times when you might say “wow! I love air conditioning” and fall right into a deep sleep. If you haven’t fallen asleep quickly and woken up feeling refreshed and ready for anything, then you’re not alone.

5 Steps To Better Sleep

Insomnia is plaguing more and more people each year and with the stresses of our daily lives, it’s no surprise. For more than 75% of Americans polled by the National Sleep Foundation, getting a good night’s sleep feels more like a distant dream than a reality. This article Looks at 5 simple steps towards achieving a deep restless night’s sleep.

Sleep Disorder – To Call The Doctor Or Not?

Experiencing difficulty in sleeping for any great length of time may well indicate that you suffer from a common sleep disorder. Today more than 35 million Americans reportedly suffer from a chronic sleep disorder (sleeping difficulty that lasts for more than one month) and as many as 30 million more suffer from a shorter term or “transient” sleep disorder (sleeping difficulty that lasts for less than four weeks). This article looks at a number of common sleep disorders.

Sleep Apnea – An Extremely Common and Dangerous Sleep Disorder

Sleep apnea refers to a sleep disorder characterized by the interruption of breathing during sleep, such that respiration stops for ten or more seconds, cutting off valuable oxygen supplies to the brain. This interruption of the body’s breathing cycle can recur hundreds of times each night, with potentially fatal results. Even more alarming, sleep apnea, the most dangerous of all sleep disorders, also represents one of the most commonly identified sleep disorders, affecting as many as eighteen million Americans each year. This article looks at the problem of sleep apnea and considers some natural remedies for its management.

Narcolepsy – The Management of a Common Sleep Disorder

Narcolepsy, a chronic and commonly diagnosed sleep disorder, affects over a quarter of a million Americans each year (approximately one person in every two thousand). This article looks at the problem of narcolepsy and suggests some natural remedies to aid in its management.

Restless Legs Syndrome – The Management of a Serious Sleep Disorder

Restless legs syndrome, or RLS, is seen as both a neuromuscular disorder and a sleep disorder. Less frequently diagnosed than sleep disorders like narcolepsy, sleep apnea and insomnia, restless legs syndrome is nonetheless a significant and serious sleep problem. This article considers the problem of restless legs syndrome and looks at some natural remedies for its management.

Insomnia – Getting The Help You Need

This article gives an overview of insomnia and discusses the use of natural remedies as a cure. It also includes a brief insomnia questionnaire designed to indicate whether a change of lifestyle and the introduction of natural remedies might assist in curing a sleep problem, or whether medical advice should be sought.

Sleep Apnea – Symptoms and Types

A brief description of the symptoms and different types of the sleep disorder sleep apnea, which about 10% of the population are estimated to have.

Birds in the Room Alter Sleep Patterns of Humans

Birds have always been considered good pets of modern day humans. It seems our living in close proximity may have given us a closer bond than we know. There are many reports, which have been collected of birds having a psychic connection with their owners.

Aargh – Those Pesky Sleep Problems!

Isn’t life with a new baby supposed to be all sweetness and light? Why do babies sleep all day and cry all night? You’re not alone…

Snoring – A Common Sleep Disorder

Snoring could be a life threatening problem. Using salt therapy it can be prevented…

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