How to Unbox Your NECTAR Mattress

Medicare and Sleep Apnea Devices – CPAP Therapy

Among the elderly, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is present in 24% of people who live independently, 33% of those in acute care institutions, and 42% who are in nursing homes. It’s no wonder then, that there always will be questions raised about Medicare and sleep apnea devices.

Beauty Sleep – It’s For Real!

Getting a good night’s sleep is not only essential for our mind and our body… but it has an impact on our skin too! Here are some tips on how to get a more recuperative night’s sleep!

Cure Insomnia – Without Pills

One of the most difficult problems these days is what is called a sleep disorder or Insomnia. People have long lasting stress related problems which can present in many cases as a sleep disorder or Insomnia. To cope with Insomnia people tend to opt for more and more pills. But pills have many adverse effects, first and foremost is probably the tendency to addiction. One should look for more natural remedies.

Tired All the Time?

The biggest cause of TATT or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is sleeplessness. The two major factors that interfere with a good night’s sleep are snoring and uncomfortable beds. Sleeping on a decent, supportive and comfortable bed can help in both of these cases.

How To Live With the Effects of Insomnia

Do you currently live with the effects of insomnia? Are you an insomniac currently? Or perhaps you do live with an insomniac? In any case, you will know how difficult life can be when somebody is not able to get enough quality sleep. Here are a few tips that you can perhaps use if you are living with someone who is suffering the effects of insomnia.

Missing Sleep

More than 35 million Americans suffer from long-lasting insomnia, with 20 to 30 million others experiencing shorter-term sleeplessness. One in four Americans takes some kind of medication for sleep. There is even a condition called, “Worry Insomnia.” Why are we missing so much sleep?

Snoring – Does Poor Diet Cause Snoring?

A investigation into the possible causes of snoring. How to cut down the risk of snoring with positive lifestyle changes.

How to Stop Snoring And Sleep Better

Are you driving your spouse insane with your snoring, or is your partner doing that to you? If so, you’re not alone. About 40% females and 60% males snore once in a while. And 23 out of every hundred people suffer horrible from constant snoring. You know as well as I, it’s not just the irritation of staying awake night after night or the shame of waking up again and again from your spouse’s nudging. You know that not getting enough sleep is frankly life threatening.

Night Sweats and Medications

Night Sweats can be the result of medications you are taking. There are ways to deal with these side effects and ways to regain your sleep. But first we must identify the medications that are known to cause night sweats and then we can resolve the issue. This article outlines many of the drugs that can cause night sweats.

Sleeping Well – Some Simple Tips

Do you have difficulties sleeping? Some simple tips to help you sleep better, including how to deal with worry in the middle of the night.

Recurring Nightmares – What Can You Do About Them?

If you are suffering from recurring nightmares then you may be able to benefit from a new technique, combined with a simple, healthy sleep routine. This article describes how a technique for reframing bad dreams to create positive endings may assist people who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events.

Is Your Lifestyle Causing You Sleep Deprivation?

Your lifestyle could partially be the blame for your sleep deprivation. Take a look at your lifestyle and see if you are doing anything that could be causing this condition. If possible, make changes to your lifestyle so sleep deprivation does not affect you physically, mentally or emotionally.

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