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What Do Foam Mattresses and Astronauts Have in Common?

Memory foam mattresses with Visco elastic properties were first introduced in the early 90’s by a Swiss based company. For over 20+ years, advertisements on TV and print have been seen across the world touting the capabilities of this technology and how it can provide a more restful night’s sleep over a standard mattress and box spring.

Can Foam Mattresses Help Restless Sleepers? You Decide

Memory foam mattresses with Visco elastic properties were designed by NASA in the early 70’s to help astronauts deal with gravity forces during initial take-off. These G-forces were of great concern for NASA engineers and administration as they sought for ways to protect their pilots. NASA approved projects to find a material that would conform and support their body shapes when they needed it most.

Cures For Snoring – The Facts

Snoring is often taken lightly because no one knows what snoring can do to you. There are serious health complications that can arise from snoring. You need to take action.

Side Effects of Lack of Sleep – What You Should Know

People don’t realize how important a good night sleep is. Resting your body will ensure that you are able to fight off any foreign antibodies that enter your system. Unfortunately, not enough people are able to get enough rest each night. The side effects of lack of sleep include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, lack of concentration, and lack of energy just to name a few.

Snoring Relief – Could Laser Surgery Be the Answer?

Snoring is an problem that no body really sees as a major problem. A couple of sleepless night here there. But did you know snoring can contribute to death?

Snoring Help

People that snore need to find help pretty quick as the consequences can be deadly. Snoring is one of those conditions that is not taken seriously. But snoring can help contribute to death.

Snoring Devices – What Works

Snoring is an issue that people don’t worry about too much. But they should, it is quiet a serious problem. Snoring can even contribute to death.

CPAP Masks

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure masks treat a variety of sleeping disorders at home. Patients who have been prescribed CPAP masks as part of their therapy should be aware of the variety of types available so that they can find a one that will provide them with the help they need without causing them to lose sleep due to discomfort or an ill-fitting mask.

Snoring Cures – What Works

Snoring is a pain for all people associated with it. Whether it be the snorer or the sleepless partner next to the snorer. But the problems that can come with snoring are really what people should be watching out for. Snoring has been known to contribute to death.

Snoring Aids – Do They Work?

Snoring is serious health concern for anyone that snores. The problem is that many people don’t know what snoring can actually do to them. If you snore you need to treat the problem sooner rather then later.

Sleepless Nights? Try These Snoring Solutions

If your partner snores then you have had sleepless nights. But they should not be main concern. There are serious health complications associated with snoring. That’s why you need to take action with the snoring problem.

How to Stop Snoring – 3 Ways

Snoring the problems that it can cause are severely unknown by most people. Snoring can even cause death. People who snore need to take action on their bad habit.

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