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What to Do If Your Baby is Not Sleeping

During their first 6 – 12 weeks, most infants sleep quite intermittently. You would be a lucky parent if you already saw a sleep pattern emerging in your baby before or during this age period. You will not have to endure this erratic sleeping schedule though since after your baby turns 3 – 4 months, you can already help him/her to have a regular sleeping pattern.

Encouraging Infant Sleeping

It is very import to encourage your baby to sleep according to the ideal hours they are expected to get, which is about 14 – 16 hours a day. Infants who fail to get this much sleep or are sleeping poorly can be identified with their temperaments.

Quality and Periods of Infant Sleeping

Frequently, most parents with newborns address questions like, “Has your baby learned sleeping through the night?” or some such related questions. And more often than not, their reply would be “no” and this would not be surprising considering their bleary-eyed appearances.

Establishing Good Infant Sleeping Habits

How would you teach your baby on settling down to a good, long sleep? Here are some tips you can apply…

Typical Patterns of Infant Sleeping

All parents of newborn babies attest to the fact that their newborns do sleep quite a lot. Typically, they sleep for about 14 up to 18 hours every day during their first week. By the time they turn one month old, their typical sleep would last from 12 to 16 hours every day.

Sleep Deprivation Symptoms – What Causes Sleepless Nights, & How to Get the Rest You Need

Before we look at the sleep deprivation symptoms, let us look at what causes people to not get sleep, and its effect on those suffering from it. Almost one quarter of adults are affected by insomnia. Insomnia/sleep deprivation can be caused by a number of factors.

What is Snoring

Snoring is a kind of sleeping disorder. It is a respiratory structured vibration and it results in sound. This condition is caused due to obstructed air movement in breathing process and it happens while sleeping. It is a condition that affects about 20% people throughout the world.

Use Sleep Aids? Don’t Let the Wrong One Ruin Your Game

If you use a sleep aid, make sure it doesn’t interfere with your game. Did you know some sleep aids can actually impair concentration and memory, even 24 hours after they’ve been taken? Learn how choosing the right sleep aid can actually improve your poker game, not hinder it.

How to Find a Stop Snoring Device That Works

A stop snoring device can possibly change many lives. But how do you find the one that works for you? You need to do careful research to find out for yourself which devices will help you and which ones will not. hopefully this article will help you out.

Snoring – What Are the Risks and Treatments?

Approximately fifty percent of Americans snore. While this may not be bothersome if you live on your own, if you happen to live with a significant other, certain issues may arise. Snoring is often disruptive and non-treatable. Many people who share a bed with a person who snores almost never experience a good night’s sleep. However, snoring doesn’t only affect the non-sleeper. Snoring also affects the person responsible for creating the havoc.

How to Get More Effective Sleep

There is a saying that the three basic and primary needs of a man are food, clothing and a roof over your head. I would like to add one more to this list and that is a good nights’ sleep. Lack of sleep is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to any of us.

The Right Food For Increased Energy and Alertness

Incredible as it may sound, some foods while filling out stomachs, also saps the body’s energy to function optimally. So people who live to eat, may as well find them wanting vital energy to live even after they feel satiated. There are many foods which we like very much can actually drain us of the critical energy and alertness that is essential for a healthy living. When we feel tired, drained and exhausted all the time, it could well be the kind of food that we include in our diet. The good news is that it takes only some effort and determination on your part to change or eliminate foods and bring about some change in your lifestyle by including foods, which actually stimulate you physically and do not let you feel tired and down. Here are some tips to set you thinking…

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