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Menopause and Insomnia

Being a woman is not an easy accomplishment. Each stage of your life there are things you must overcome. In your early years the worst is puberty. Then as you get older, the challenges really come. Menstruation, pregnancy, and of course menopause.

Lullaby and Good Night? Consequences of Sleep Disorders in Children

Sleep disordered breathing is a relatively common condition in otherwise healthy children. However, recent research has shown that this can be associated with several conditions that can have serious consequences.

Droopy Eyelids and Yawns? Getting a Good Night’s Sleep is Not Even an Option For Optimal Health

Recent studies have shown that getting plenty of rest is very important to keeping our bodies in prime shape. And Americans simply aren’t getting enough sleep. The accident rate due to lack of sleep, both on the job and while driving, is a huge problem.

Home Remedy Sleep Aids

Need a little help falling asleep but don’t want the drugs? See this article for your instructions for a home remedy sleep aid.

How to Eliminate Snoring

My brother used to wake me up at night because he could not sleep. I became embarrassed when my friends made fun of me during my trip with them. My friends decided to have my snoring sound to be recorded on a small tape recorder. To avoid being embarrassed, I spent the night fighting not to sleep. I came to a website where I was skeptical about it but it really works to stop snoring.

What is Hypersomnia?

Many people are familiar with the term insomnia; but did you know that there is such thing is hypersomnia aka oversleeping? Hypersomnia can affect school and work performance as well as relationships and other familiar settings one encounters each day.

How Many Pillows Do You Need?

One pillow many not be adequate for sleeping. An extra one could truly be beneficial for your physical as well as emotional health.

5 Natural Cures to Common Sleeping Problems

More than 60% of all Americans report having trouble sleeping. Sixty percent! That means that, statistically speaking, more than half the people reading this article (including you) have some form of difficulty sleeping every night.

Improving Sleep – The Do’s and Do Not’s

Even if you are not an insomniac, chances are you wouldn’t mind improving your sleep in one way or another. Here is what to do and what not to do to make this happen.

3 Tips to Have a Great Night, Including the Sleeping Part

Getting a good night’s sleep often entails more than just lying down and shutting off the light. A bedtime routine that works for you can give the night a more positive and relaxing feeling, which will help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep. It is up to each individual to find the routine that best suits them, but here are some ideas for what to include in your bedtime routine.

A Conservative Yet Effective Cure For Insomnia

A large proportion of the general population is suffering from sleep disorders. Most of them are particularly suffering from insomnia. While a lot of aggressive medical treatment modalities are available, we have a lot of more conservative, safe and effective treatments to choose from.

Insomnia – Sleep Aids and Medications

Articles reveal the various type of treatments available in the market to treat insomnia. Why the non-medical types of treatments, such as environmental changes are not enough to treat your insomnia. What are the other options you can take.

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