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A Little Sleeping Mist Can Go a Long Way

Do you remember walking into your mother’s kitchen after school as a child to the fresh and welcoming aroma of cookies baking in the oven? Did you used to spend hours lying on the ground in the summer, taking in the wonderful scent of the freshly mowed grass? Does the smell of a man’s robust cologne titillate your senses and draw you further toward him? We might not always realize it, but our little noses help us connect to a particular place, time or feeling. For this reason, aromatherapy has grown quite popular over the years.

30 Million People in the United States Suffer From Insomnia! Are You One of Them?

If you find yourself in a constant state of nightly discomfort, if you pace the living room floor at two in the morning, if your mind begins to race when the sun goes down, then chances are you are one of many Americans suffering from insomnia. While it is definitely something that should be looked into immediately, you probably are experiencing acute insomnia, and not a chronic sleeping disorder. But, either way, it is always good to investigate why you are not getting a full eight hours of sleep every night.

Trouble Sleeping? Here is the Reason Why!

Many people experience trouble sleeping. There are numerous factors which can influence our sleeping habits. Sometimes it may be difficult for us to pinpoint the exact reason behind our restless nights. Here are a few reasons why a lot of the population can’t sleep during the night.

Disrupted Sleep Causes Worker Burnout – Discover How to Relieve Symptoms

You wake up at the same time every morning, you get dressed in your work attire, you sit in traffic, and then stare at a computer screen for hours while at your desk. You are beginning to feel unproductive and extremely lazy. You feel that maybe your life needs a change, but before you start searching through the want ads, you might want to implement a change in your lifestyle first.

Can Creating a Sleep Sanctuary Make You Happier and Healthier?

Your room, in a word, stinks. No, I am not talking about odors of any kind, although perhaps you might want to look into that, but we’ll come back to that. I am talking about the whole sleeping environment that you have created for yourself. Perhaps some of the trouble sleeping stems directly from the place in which you actually sleep.

When Are You Going to Get Tired Enough of Sleepless Nights?

After countless nights of pacing back and forth, lying in bed looking at the ceiling and waking up feeling extremely groggy and looking like a zombie, why haven’t you done something? There are no excuses for not getting a good night of rest. It is imperative that you sleep every night for at least seven hours in order to wake up feeling refreshed and to operate at maximum functioning capacity.

Is Insomnia Keeping You From Getting Your 40 Winks?

Here is the bottom line: insomnia is not good. It can ruin your mood, your skin, your focus, and overall, your health. If you realize all that not sleeping can do to your life, why would you not want to investigate how to make it better?

Natural Latex Mattresses – A Chiropractic Solution

The results of research by the CPSC clearly shows that every man, woman and child will absorb the chemical fire-retardants currently used in mattresses and also chemicals used to fire proof mattresses under the previous codes. None of us need to risk the exposure to chemicals in the mattresses on which we spend up to a third of our lives!

Tips For Stopping the Snoring Habit

Snoring can severely affect the sleep patterns of both the snorer and his or her bedmate. As common as it is, snoring is a serious sleep disorder that can significantly impact a person both socially and medically. Luckily, snoring need not cause people to suffer endlessly. Let’s investigate some of the methods known to help stop snoring.

Five Tips For Restful Sleep

Here are some natural ways to get a restful nights sleep. The tips include diet, supplements and environmental changes that are easy and can be done tonight.

The Best Chronic Insomnia Treatment

If you are one of the millions of unlucky people suffering from sleepless nights, you are no doubt looking for a form of chronic insomnia treatment. This type of condition happens when you have a lot of trouble getting to sleep and have trouble staying a sleep for a period of several months, or possibly even years. But before we examine a good chronic insomnia treatment, we need to look at what causes this condition.

How to Achieve the Right Hormonal Balance For the Right Energy Level

It would neither be wrong nor an overstatement when we say that the hormonal interplay within our body practically controls our life including the way we eat, live, think and sleep. In other words, a slight hormonal imbalance can not only throw our mind and body completely off gear but can open up doors for a vast number of diseases to enter our system. For instance, have you ever wondered which of the many hormones, which are produced in the body, is responsible for our sleep, or for that matter our energy and level of alertness? Why is our sleep disturbed when the lights are on? If we got more information in these matters, then it would be possible not only to correct the hormonal balance in the body, but also promote the production of hormones, which are responsible for keeping us awake, energetic and alert.

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