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What is a Sleep Disorder Test?

Sleep studies are carried out for a variety of reasons. The problems of abrupt awakening known as Night terror or say Pavor nocturnus, wherein the patient get up from sleep as if in terror. The tests for sleep terror disorder are mostly behavioral tests.

What is it Like to Get a Good Sleep

Sleeping is such an easy task for some – so effortless that they wake up as if a short amount of time has passed right after they hit the bed. Little did people know that all actually pass through different stages of sleep. For people with sleep problems, these stages seem to be so distinctly dramatic that moving on from one stage to another is such a big challenge. However, when we talk about quality of sleep, reaching all those stages is indeed a must.

Reasons Why Sleep is Important to Your Well Being

Although most people will love the notion of sleep, they do not realize how important sleep can be in their daily health and fitness efforts. In fact, after eating and drinking, perhaps the second most important daily activity that you can do in your life is definitely to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day.

Stop Snoring Methods – Natural Or Medical?

Are you snoring or even worse, is your spouse snoring? If this is the case you definitely want to get some help, after all this could develop into a real problem in the long run, if it isn’t just that already. There are methods available that can help people to stop snoring and in this article we will look at what are the pros and cons of them.

How to Stop Snoring Now

If you have a loved one that snores, you understand the sheer annoyance of the loud, nasally sounds that wakes you up from a sound sleep or prevents you from falling asleep at all. Relief is in sight, there are ways you can actually prevent snoring by simple, homemade remedies. The first thing that someone should try is super simple, and I guarantee everyone has this in their pantry.

How to Get Natural Sleep Aids From Your Food

One of the first steps to getting a better sleep is to eat the right foods. Discover the top 4 food sources that can serve as your natural sleep aids.

Sleeping Medications – Updated Warnings You Should Know on Their Labels

We’ve all been courted by television commercials and print ads about the wonders of the new sleeping medications. However, we’ve not been equally confronted with strong warnings either of their potential risks.

Melatonin Side Effects – Facts to Help You

You are doing due diligence to check on melatonin’s side effects. Here are documented facts to help you understand melatonin safety either before you try this natural sleep aid or evaluate if you’re experiencing any of melatonin’s side effects now.

Herbs to Treat Insomnia – A Widespread Sleeping Disorder

There are several herbs to treat the sleeping disorder of insomnia. Insomnia is spreading like an epidemic all across the globe due to unhealthy and stressful lifestyle. Our Mother Nature has endowed us with several herbs that can be of great help in treating insomnia.

Learn How to Sleep Less and Better Tonight

What do you do before you go to bed? 80% of us do one thing, can you guess what it is? We eat.

Effective Insomnia Remedies

There are natural and medical treatments. Also, there are also spiritual (or psychological) and dietary solutions for insomnia. The remedy all depends on the person and the type of insomnia he or she has.

Causes of Insomnia – Understand the 6 Major Causes of Insomnia and Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Are you wondering what causes insomnia? Read this article and you’ll find the 6 top causes of sleepless nights.

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