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Our Body’s Natural Daily Energy Cycle And How Stress Affects It

The body has evolved an energy cycle that is in sync with the light-dark cycle of day and night. During the day our hormones shift to provide us energy for day time activities. Hormones also help to keep us more awake or aroused during daylight hours. At night hormones shift again to facilitate slowing down, resting and sleeping. Remedying sagging energy levels and poor sleep is best achieved through sleep herbs and adaptogenic herbs which buffer the impact of stress on our body.

A Cozy Bed For Untroubled Sleep

After a long hectic day at work, people come home tired and exhausted, drained of energy, and totally worn out. After a quick dinner, all we would want to do is slip into our pajamas, cuddle in under the sheets, and finally call it a night. Just as much as we would want to drift swiftly into our much needed sleep, we find ourselves unable to loosen up and put our body to rest. We keep tossing and turning, taking hesitant glances at the bedside clock, and slowly hitting on the thought of fear that another long painstaking sleepless night might introduce the coming of a new busy day at work, thus further aggravating the already fired up anxiety. We get up frustrated and tired, and end up in bouts of bad moods at work. When situations similar as this become chronic, it is essential to know the reasons. Why we sometimes could not put ourselves to sleep when we actually desperately want to is a serious issue needing attention.

Can’t Sleep? Top 6 Ways To Make It Happen

There’s nothing worse than being up half the night, unable to get the sleep you desperately need to face the next day. I compiled a few sleep tips for you.

Four Great Snoring Remedies You Need to Learn About

Are you among the approximately 1.8 billion people worldwide that suffer from chronic snoring? If so, then I’m quite sure that just like all those other people you too have considered the problem in depth and are searching for some real stop snoring remedies. In this article I would like to share with you some of the best solutions that I’ve found to be helpful with my own obnoxious snoring issues, and believe me when I tell you that, I too was once a notoriously loud snorer!

4 Snoring Cures For Your Spouse

It’s about time you stop all the noise coming from the bedroom! Though it may seem harmless snoring effects your and your family’s health. So try these fast, easy, effective, snoring remedies for you or your spouse and get the sleep you deserve. Finally get a snoring cure today!

OTC Sleeping Pills – Which Is Right for Me?

There are many types of over the counter sleeping pills available today. Your doctor can help you decide which OTC sleeping pills will work for you, but it’s also good idea to understand the different types of insomnia. Insomnia is categorized by the length and severity of symptoms and its association with other disorders.

Can’t Sleep – Holiday From Hell, Thanks to Snoring

Holidays should be the time of relaxation, but because you are having to sleep in different sleeping arrangements and often sharing space with friends and family, someone is bound to be inflicted upon by a snorer. And if you should be so unlucky to have someone staying with you who can reach a decibel ratings of a jet engine, then it soon becomes everyone’s problem.

The Power of Sleep, LUCID DREAMING and Naps to the Rescue!

Lucid dreaming is an amazing skill to have. Did you ever know how important sleep is to the learning process. Read this article to learn how to use sleep to the most effective way possible.

Sleep Disorder Indications

From time to time, all of us will experience a lack of sleep for any number of reasons. For the most part, these times when we have trouble sleeping can be taken care of easily by just making enough time for sleep each day. However, if you are getting enough rest but are still waking up feeling tired, or if you are fighting off feeling sleepy during the day these may be indications of a more serious sleep disorder…

Red Dawn – Dream Weaver Sleep Aid

Millions of people go through night after night of rough sleep. Dream Weaver can help alleviate the problems associated with inability to sleep and insomnia.

New Sleeping Aid Without Side Effects May Be Alteril by Biolab

If you are suffering from sleeping disorder, then Alteril may be a solution for you. It’s a combination of “all natural” ingredients, and helps with sleeping disorder without any side effects. Switch your sleepless nights into pleasing, warm dreamy experience.

Can’t Get to Sleep? Here’s Why

If you can’t seem to get to bed on time these days, there may be a good reason for it. You see, our bodies have an internal time-clock that is controlled by how much exposure we have to light and darkness. In the absence of light, and in low light conditions, that clock tells your body to produce a hormone called…

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