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Sleep Deprivation Symptoms Plus Habits

Rest is a major part of our life, and several famous individuals consider it in famous sleep quotes. This article mentions a number of quotations being focused on sleep deprivation symptoms, factors, and cures.

The Symbolism And Use Of Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are popular symbols used in modern culture and decor that have a long and spiritual heritage. What do these object really symbolise and how has their meaning altered as they have passed between cultures? Native American tradition is the origin of dream catchers, with the Sioux Indians being noted for their use of the objects.

How to Stop Talking in Your Sleep

Sleep talking is one of the many sleep disorders that most people struggle with while sleeping. Sleep talking can occur in two main ways which are making sounds or making utterances while sleeping. When one sleep talks, it is only those who are close to them that will be able to know. This is because it is not possible for them to know whether they sleep talk or not, so unless someone else tells them, they will never know.

The Most Common Causes of Night Sweats

Distinguishing between the kind of night sweating everyone will occasionally suffer and real clinical hyperhidrosis can be difficult. Learn the most common medical causes of night sweats and get suggestions for how to treat these night sweats.

Sleeping Aids and What They Do

Sleeping aids are becoming increasingly commonplace, as many people, especially in Western civilization (but not limited to) are experiencing a rapidly expanding rate of sleeping disorders, ranging from insomnia and sleep paralysis to sleepwalking and even to something as extreme as somniphobia, which is the fear of actually sleeping itself. It may seem strange to think that anybody at all has something like sombiphobia, but the fact of the matter is that both this condition and all other sleep-related disorders are increasing at an alarming rate. Luckily, sleeping aids exist, and it may be mainly due to the huge segment…

Trying to Get Rid of the Problem of Snoring?

This article is very expansive as it covers all points from the concept of snoring, it’s causes, and various ways to seek relief to it. This is very helpful to the reader, who has been troubled with this problem.

How to Get to Sleep

How to fall asleep and get a good night’s sleep. There are many cures for insomnia and having a comfortable bed is a key factor.

Why Do People Have Dreams With Different Meanings?

We spend one-third of our life sleeping and a portion of this is spent in dreaming. People dream every night. Some may consciously remember, and others may not. While dreams awaken our curiosity about their meanings, there are actually several reasons accounted for this phenomenon that invade one’s good night sleep – from the evolutionary approach to unconscious motivations, as well as cognitive and neurological explanation. All these contribute to a hallucinatory state when one lays down and sleep.

How Do You Know If You Have a Sleep Disorder?

Many people experience some occasional difficulty sleeping and/or daytime fatigue. But how does a person know if he or she has a temporary sleep problem that can be remedied with some simple behavioral changes, or if it is a legitimate disorder such as snoring, sleep apnea, sinusitis or nasal obstruction that should be diagnosed and treated properly?

Transportation Workers Are Sleepy On the Job, Says New Study

In March, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) released its annual Sleep in America poll, titled “Transportation Workers’ Sleep.” The NSF’s 2012 survey examined the sleep habits and work performance of transportation workers, including pilots, train operators, and truck, bus, taxi and limousine drivers.

One Serious Cause of Snoring

Bad breath or Halitosis can be one result of snoring. Breathing through the nose cleans the air as it enters the nasal passage and then the lungs.

How To Beat Insomnia and Sleep Yourself Healthier

Many of Americans suffer from lack of sleep, insomnia, or trouble falling asleep. Not getting enough sleep can interfere with more than your daily activities. It can affect your health and sense of well-being. Taking steps to ensure a better night sleep can help you improve your life.

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