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Impact of Using a Mandipular Advance Device on Your Teeth

As part of the test both a hard acrylic splint and a soft MAD were used. The report concluded the use of a soft elastomer MAD was more advantageous.

Insomnia Self Help – Three Tips to Getting a Good Nights Sleep

If you find yourself tossing and turning night after night instead of relaxing and sleeping, you are not alone. Almost one quarter of people in the USA experience some form of insomnia. If you are tired of being tired these tips may help you on your way to achieving a good nights sleep.

Exercises You Can Do to Stop Snoring

There is away you can stop yours or your spouse’s snoring without any harmful surgeries, or any annoying ridiculous headwear or pillows. Read more for a few simple exercises to stop your snoring problem now.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Got You?

Snoring is a very annoying problem for many, but it can also be a sign of a very more serious problem called sleep apnea. Find out what you need to know.

Snoring – Is Weight the Issue?

Being overweight can cause snoring at any age. There are ways to combat your snoring problem and allow your sleeping partner to have the rest they so need and want.

Why Am I So Tired? – Three Top Reasons Why You Might Be Tired!

Are you sick of asking yourself, “why am I so tired”? Do you want to snap out of the funk you are in and get more things done with your day? There are many reasons why someone can be tired all the time.

Jet Lag Sleep Loss – 5 Real Ideas That Work For Me!

Jet lag is a very real problem for some. I have always had a problem with airline travel when it comes to sleeping.

Sleep Help – Start With Eliminating the Noise!

It may take a little bit of work on your part in order to discover what noises need to be removed from your household but it will all be worth the effort, however, for whenever you finally get the good nights sleep that you need you will feel so much more energetic and fresh the next day. Help yourself to get a good nights sleep by eliminating the local noise first!

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep – How I Solved My Own Sleep Problems!

Sleep plays a major role in your well being. Not getting a good nights sleep affects your daily routines, your health and your mental attitude. We all need an eight hour sleep night but many of us have gone through periods when this was not the case. Then, I started to snore and this caused an even greater problem: the beginnings of sleep apnea. It was time to take action and after speaking with my doctor, decided on a simple overnight sleep test. I desperately needed to get a good nights sleep.

Get Taller – Does Getting 8 Hours of Sleep Make You Taller?

The question has been raised, does getting 8 hours of sleep make you taller? Find out if getting 8 hours of sleep really does lead to increased height.

Apnea Without Snoring – Achieving it Through Proper Exercise

For the large number of people who are interested in finding ways to keep themselves from snoring even though they are suffering from sleep apnea, there are several viable solutions available to them, the best of which are completely natural. These snoring solutions are all designed to help you get more and better sleep.

Why Sleep is So Important

Getting the right amount of sleep is perhaps one of the most understate things ever- especially in American culture. Most humans require at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep is what helps us to think clearly.

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