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49 Million People Can’t Sleep

I was stunned to find out that doctors wrote prescriptions to 49 million people last year who complained that they couldn’t sleep. That is 1 out of every 7 people with a sleep disorder. Four times that many took over the counter drugs to induce sleep.

Stop Snoring With This Exercise Program

Is snoring putting a strain on your relationship? An estimated 23% of couples have a snoring problem in their relationship. Learn how exercises can cure your snoring problem permanently.

Facts About Memory Foam Mattress Authentic Brand and REM Sleep

It makes no difference if your mattress is 1, 4 or 10 years old. If you are not sleeping on our Memory Foam Authentic Brands, you are robbing yourself of good REM sleep.

Sex In The City Causes Insomnia

It’s a great show, but Sex In The City really does cause insomnia. And so does every other show you watch in the bedroom.

Writing For Healing Insomnia? An Easy Three-Step Process to Help You Sleep Better

Can writing really help you sleep better? Absolutely. You’ll know how to do it once you read my article.

Sukhanidra – Better Sleep With Ayurveda

Sukhanidra is a form of Ayurvedic treatment aimed at pacifying mind and to treat such conditions like insomnia (sleep deprivation), anxiety and depression. Sukhanidra (sukanidra) means calm sleep or sound sleep. Insomnia or lack of sleep is in fact a serious problem that can cause other disorders like anxiety and depression.

The Best Sleep Help Isn’t In A Bottle

Can you imagine life without sleep? Staying healthy and sane would probably be impossible without our nightly dose of sleep. Who would’ve thought that simply resting with our eyes closed could be so important to maintaining our physical health and mental well-being? We can actually live without food longer than we can live without sleep. Because sleep is so important, we need to find a remedy fast whenever it is disturbed. The problem is not really that we can’t find a solution, it’s more that so many solutions are available, we don’t know where to turn. How can you get the sleep help that you need?

How To Break The “Can’t Get No Sleep” Cycle

Does this describe you? You’re tired all day long, but when night comes you can’t fall asleep. When morning dawns, if you have managed to fall asleep, you can’t imagine crawling out to face another day. You’re irritable all the time, and that’s just not normal for you. You can’t seem to make a decision on anything. Things you used to be able to do are really difficult now. You’ve told yourself “I can’t get no sleep” so many times, you actually believe you may never get a good night’s sleep ever again.

Melatonin Versus Valerian – Which Is the Better Natural Sleep Aid?

Have you had trouble sleeping well lately? Practically everyone has trouble at one time or another. Millions of people suffer from chronic sleep problems that sooner or later lead to sleep deprivation. Considering the side effects and possible dangers involved with over-the-counter or prescription sleep medications, natural alternatives are the best choice for anyone who has problems sleeping. But with all the choices available, which remedy do you choose? This article will take a closer look at two of the most popular natural sleep medications on the market: melatonin and valerian.

Trouble Sleeping? You Need A Sleep Program

If you’re having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep — and statistics would suggest that you probably are — you might want to consider putting together a complete sleep program. The idea behind sleep programs is that the problem of insomnia might not respond to just one remedy. You need to try a combination of individual solutions to ensure success. The first step in attacking the problem of poor quality sleep is to determine how much sleep you need, and then figure out how to schedule those hours into your day.

Are Sleep Disorders Zapping Your Energy?

The reason you need sleep is to rest and restore energy levels. But when your sleep is disturbed, you end up with fragmented sleep patterns and dangerously low oxygen levels in your bloodstream. Some of the most common sleep disorders occur when your internal clock becomes confused, when you suffer from insomnia, or when you begin snoring or develop sleep apnea.

Are Sleep Aids Keeping You Awake?

Do you feel like you are working more and sleeping less? And when you do have time to sleep, you don’t sleep very well? The lack of sleep and poor quality sleep are problems our grandparents didn’t have to contend with. But the 24-hour, always-open world that we live in is ruining our ability to sleep. What can you do? Are sleep aids the answer?

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