45 Minutes of Sleep Music to Help Fall Asleep: Afterglow

An Energetically Good Night’s Sleep

Grounding the body before going to sleep plays a big part in determining the quality of sleep. Staying grounded during a full night’s sleep is one step one strives to master in the journey to a good night’s sleep. Turning down the third chakra and kundalini energy are additional steps to master in achieving a good night’s sleep.

Side Effects of Snoring in Children

If you thought that nobody but you were being affected by your loud snoring, you need to re-evaluate. Your bed partner is the one that suffers probably as much as you do because the loud snoring must be keeping them awake. As an individual who snores, you might be surprised that behind the loud sound is your body’s warning system letting you know that you are at a risk of diabetes, hypertension, Obstructive Sleep Apnea and even insomnia. But apart from this fact, the most damaging aspect is the sleep deprivation that sets in for not just you but your spouse or bed partner.

Do Nasal Drops To Stop Snoring Really Work?

The fact is that if you snore, you are making your bed partner stay up for considerable time due to the noise. And of course, you cannot get a good night’s sleep either because of the dry throat, frequent break in sleep and inability to get into the deep sleep REM phase.

How Much Sleep Do YOU Need – Sleep and Its Myths?

Sleep deprivation can be highly detrimental to health and happiness, therefore if you want to learn more about the concept of sleep and how important it is to us then this article could help. The reality of how much sleep we all need a night will be revealed and the result of lack of sleep will be brought to light.

How to Help Improve Your Ability to Sleep

Sleep is so very important and yet for many of us it can be hard to have a good night’s sleep. Let’s look at some of the things you can do to support your ability to sleep well.

Claustraphobia and CPAP

One of the first issues I hear when a person comes into a sleep lab to be introduced to a CPAP is that they have claustrophobia; that you cannot stand to have anything on your face. There is always an excuse for not tolerating therapy. Most of the reason has to do with feeling out of control. There are so many ways that can create a successful experience.

Several Tips for Buying a New Mattress

Do you always feel hard to choose and buy a good new mattress? You know, choose the right mattress is so important for sleeping. Now come with me, I will teach you some good tips to choose a good mattress.

How to Add Sleep to Your New Year

As we start the New Year we always make resolutions or goals we would like to achieve during the year. This past year we have all learned that sleep affects all aspects of your health and so you may want to add a better night sleep as one of your goals for the year. The problem is how to approach this to make it practical. Creating SMART goals are usually the most successful goals.

Do Men Snore More?

Though the battle of the sexes continues over years, nobody wants to be the first to claim when it comes to snoring. But the fact remains that it is not just restricted to men as women snore too. However though the percentage of men snoring is higher, as compared to women but why does anyone snore? The most baffling aspect is that people breathe 24/7 but snore only at night when asleep. Why don’t you snore when you are awake?

Snoring During Pregnancy? Learn How to Stop Snoring

Although it is a common affliction during pregnancy, there is no particular reason that causes it but a whole range of possible causes that led to snoring during pregnancy. Usually it is an issue that crops up in the third trimester and 25% women start snoring regularly there are others that snore only in the last few days. Women that sleep light, have a bigger problem listening to themselves snore as they are about to fall asleep but the worst suffer is the bed partner that has to forego a good night’s sleep due to constant snoring.

Quick and Effective Snoring Cures

Understanding the snores that you or your bed partner makes at night is not just irritating but long term snoring can lead to breakdown of relationships and is a health warning about impending illnesses. Snoring has been described in medical terms as a sleep disorder which occurs when the soft tissues of the palate vibrate in the upper airways due to constricted respiration. The vibrations is due to the partial obstructions that can be anywhere in the nasal passages to within the trachea.

Reasons Behind Your Snoring

If you snore, not only is it embarrassing but is a warning of the health hazards that can affect your quality of life. Additionally, bed partners suffer from insomnia and restlessness due to your snoring problem. Over time the snoring leads to separate beds and becomes one of the reasons for the breakdown of relationships. In most cases, people ignore snoring and in many cases it develops into sleep apnea and numerous other ailments.

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