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What Is a Fatigue Risk Management System?

We have established that fatigue can rise from a combination of factors; therefore the most effective management strategy must also implement a combination of control measures to be successful. Your foundation should be on awareness and education. Your workers need to understand the effects and possible impact of fatigue, and be able to learn to recognise the early signs in themselves and others – with an emphasis on “others” because often people are a poor judge of their own levels of fatigue.

How Do You Measure Fatigue?

If you can measure fatigue you can manage fatigue. Pupillometry is the measuring of pupil dynamics from light stimuli. Pupillary reaction of the human eye has been studied for more than 800 years.

What Is Fatigue and a Circadian Rhythm?

We all know what its like to get that 2 pm fatigue slump! In some businesses it results in lost productivity. In others it can be fatal. So what is fatigue?

Stages and Levels of Sleep

Sleep is very important and human can’t live without it. Find out what stages of sleep we know and what does the sleeping means to our body.

Drowsiness Treatment – How to Naturally Diminish Drowsiness

Do you want to be more alert and naturally diminish drowsiness? If so, I have the drowsiness treatment you need. Drowsiness can have a major negative effect on your work performance, thinking and mood.

Healthy Sleep Time – Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Getting the right amount of sleep is critical for living our best lives. But, what is the right amount for you and are you getting it? This is a question I have asked myself many times through-out my life. Often I would go through periods of time where I would have low energy, lack of focus and concentration and drowsiness at work.

Is It True That Folic Acid Helps Sleep?

If we keep our stomach clean we can observe that we will have proper sleep. Inadequate folic acid gives raise to many digestion problems like diahrrea, loss of appetite, weigh loss etc. They in turn will make us weak. A weak person cannot have sound sleep.

Eliminate Snoring With a Stop Snoring Pillow

You may not know it but your snoring problem can be due to your sleeping position. Take note that when you are sleeping on your back, there is a high possibility that you will be breathing through your mouth thus lead to snoring. According to various studies, almost 60% of snoring cases are due to inaccurate or wrong sleeping position. If you are having the same problem, then you may try using a stop snoring pillow to help you get rid of your snoring problem.

5 Home Remedies That Can Help You Sleep Better

Are you having trouble getting a good night’s rest lately? Find out which home remedies can help you sustain better sleep.

Making Your Wife Happy At Breakfast Time

You may be wondering why your wife cannot seem to put on a happy face every time you eat breakfast together. Worse, you may even be surprised why your wife would rather let you take breakfast alone while she tries to add a few more minutes or even an hour of sleep.

Sleep When It Is Time to Sleep – Work When It Is Time to Work

Why is it important to sleep when it is time to sleep? Why is it important to work when it is time to work? Well, for obvious reasons.

Do Older People Really Need Less Sleep?

I have heard it stated many time by older people themselves, health professional and quoted in the media that; older people need less sleep. How old is older? By older I mean people who have retired (65 years and above).

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