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Why Do I Snore? All the Top Causes for Snoring!

Many people snore. Some people more than others, but most of us will snore at some point in our lives.

Good Sleep Is Imperative For Good Health – And It Is Achievable

For good health, sleep is very important; it restores, regenerates and builds. It is a very strong tonic for a healthy life. Difficulty in falling asleep or inability to sleep continuously for a period of four to eight hours is unhealthy. Sleep that is prematurely ended or interrupted often leads to irritability and eventually ill health.

Why Anti-Snoring Masks Are Safer Than Ear Plugs

There are many different ways of dealing with a partner who snores. One of the ways some people deal with the problem is through the use of ear plugs. Ear plugs may be a simple solution, but they may not be safe for long term use. First of all, it is never advisable to plug the ears for long periods of time. The ear canal wasn’t meant to be plugged for 8hours a day while we sleep, and the constant repetitive use of ear plugs may cause problems such as ear infections in the future.

Space Foam Mattresses – Made in the USA

You can’t rely on everything you see on the websites. A lot of companies for various reasons will employ authors to write product testimonials and many times these reviews are hypes. Almost any company, whatever the product they sell, will blow up just how good their merchandise functions, in order to get buyers- this is the real life marketing.

Why Do I Sweat When I Sleep? 4 Causes

Sweating whilst asleep is not a nice thing to have to deal with, and many people visit their doctor with this complaint. Here we look at some common causes.

How to Treat the Disturbing Insomnia

Modern people work and live under great pressure and thus are not easy to fall asleep. Most people are sub-healthy, affecting their life quality a lot. Thus, we should look for some way to treat insomnia. The safest and simplest way to improve the situation is food therapy.

How to Go to Sleep Without Sleep Aids

Sometimes sleep doesn’t come easily for you, especially when you have had a bad day at work, or you are going through difficult times. Occasionally, you can utilize sleep aids that are sold over the counter and that are prescribed by a doctor. For millions of people who do not want to turn to drugs, there are many natural ways to go to sleep without using drugs.

Preventing Snoring With a Humidifier

One commonly missed reason why we snore can be due to excessively dry air in the bedroom. When the air becomes dry, such as for example during cold/dry weather, it is not uncommon for our nose to plug up during the night due to the lack of moisture. When our noses plug up with excess mucous, it makes it difficult for us to breathe through our nose and therefore our brains react by forcing us to open our mouths and breathe through our mouths, which can cause snoring as well as waking up with a dry or…

What You Should Know About Sleep Apnea And Snoring Studies

Sleep Apnea and snoring studies have led to a greater understanding of this condition. Individuals that experience apnea stop breathing during sleep for a few minutes at a time whenever asleep.

How to Enjoy a No Snore Night

Anyone who has had a family member who snores at night usually takes it as a normal part of life. Or at least, he tries to treat it as a normal part of life. The deep, guttural sound that pierces the night silence would already be chalked up among the natural sounds that are associated with sleep time.

6 Essential Tips When You Are Afraid To Fall Asleep

Today I want to dig a bit deeper into the concept of being afraid to fall asleep. As I mentioned before in my post (Are You Afraid To Fall Asleep?) there are many reasons that people can find it hard relaxing when it’s time to wind down. The most common being the anxiety that comes when you become aware of your sleeping problems, because this can sometimes lead to stress and worry over whether or not you will actually sleep.

The Four Essential C’s of CPAP Use

We have discussed the ABCD’s of CPAP use. Now let us stick with the four essential C’s of CPAP use that will help you stick with your mask and will help you achieve not only comfort in your sleep, but also relief in your sleeping problems.

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