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3 Deadly Snoring Myths

There are three myths about snoring which can be deadly: (1) Everybody Snores Therefore It’s Normal – Snoring is not a normal condition. Although it is true that a growing percentage of our North American population does snore, it doesn’t make the condition “normal”. Labeling snoring as “normal” diminishes the seriousness of the condition.

Brain Damage From Snoring?

Snoring from sleep apnea can have dangerous consequences. For years physicians have known that chronic snoring can cause daytime symptoms of fatigue that affect cognitive function and memory loss due to the interruption in sleep it causes. A new study out of Australia from the Institute for Breathing and Sleep at Melbourne’s Austin Health reveals not just an impact in function.Snoring while you sleep could be the cause of brain damage.

Snooze or Lose: Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Do you want to wake up refreshed, ready for a productive day? Too often, we wake up feeling sluggish, drained of energy, and not ready to tackle what’s in store for the day ahead. If that happens to you chances are you are not getting the sleep you need to achieve life’s goals. Read on for 10 sleep tips that can help improve your sleep patterns starting today.

Tired of Sleepless Nights? How to Sleep Like a Baby With a Really Simple Diet Change!

Are sleepless nights taking their toll on you? Do you toss and turn at night, replaying the events of the day, or find yourself waking up from bad dreams? Read on and take a look at one of the culprits that may be preventing you from sleeping like a baby!

What Is Stop Snoring Surgery?

Before considering a stop snoring surgery, it is best to try all available reliefs or remedies to prevent or eliminate your snoring problem. Although a stop snoring surgery is known to be safe and is becoming more and more popular nowadays, you should still remember that this will involve cutting and scarring, aside from the healing time that it will take and so it is best that this solution should only be considered if and only if, the snoring problem is severe or it is already an extreme case…

Problems With Sleeping – What Are They?

Do you have problems with sleeping during the night. Is it mulling over problems that you can’t deal with until the morning. You have to take action now to get yourself a good night’s sleep tonight. It’s common for most people to have problems with sleeping during their lifetime. However there are more that encounter the serious problem of sleep deprivation. What is more unusual the total number of people who do not seek a solution for their sleep problems.

Better Sleep – 4 Ways

Don’t you just hate the inability to sleep? You will realize this if you have difficulty in sleeping most of the time. Besides, you have a job to attend to. You cannot afford to another sleeping session! This article discusses the 4 practical ways you can take to have a better sleep.

Can a Sleep Apnea Pillow Help You at Night?

Maybe it’s happened to you more than once: you’re sleeping soundly when all of a sudden your spouse is nudging you awake. You think you’ve been snoring, but actually you have stopped breathing. This condition, called sleep apnea, affects twenty million Americans and – while not necessarily fatal – can cause daytime fatigue and other disorders unless treated.

Biological Clock – How Its Timing Is Affected

A circadian rhythm is also known as the biological clock. If the biological clock is affected, you will have difficulties trying to sleep.

Sleep Disorder Causes

Do you know what is keeping you awake all night? Even if you could sleep through the night, you could wake up still feeling tired. Here are the potential causes for your sleep disorder.

Sleep Apnea And What You Can Do To Stop It

Sleep apnea affects millions worldwide. It involves disturbed breathing at night, which can break sleeping patterns and could easily be life threatening under the right conditions. It can wreak havoc on a person’s social and business life, robbing them of much needed rest.

6 Ways to Help Your Partner to Stop Snoring

If you live with someone who snores, you know the frustration. Even though you love your partner dearly, you do really need to get your sleep. And over time, snoring can begin to affect our relationships in a negative way. In order to head off serious problems, and to help your partner to stop snoring, you need to approach things in the right way.

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