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Insomnia and Early Pregnancy

Insomnia and early pregnancy are certainly not the best combination. It’s quite common for women to experience insomnia and sleeplessness during early pregnancy, which is often brought on by things such as anxieties and worries about the impending childbirth, body aches and cramps, frequent trips to the bathroom, or attempting the seemingly impossible in trying to find a comfortable sleeping position with the many changes going on in the body.

Insomnia and Alcohol

Insomnia and alcohol isn’t the best combination in the world. There’s not much worse than coming home after a long and exhausting day at work, getting into bed and simply not being able to fall sleep. And though we might be quite exhausted, we’re somehow unable to fall asleep by some anxieties we may have about work or other source of worry that buzzes in our brains.

Insomnia and Stress

Insomnia and stress go together like peanut butter and jelly. They both can feed into the other and make things worse in a sort of endless viscous cycle. Stress needs to be eliminated in order to get the proper rest through sleep that we so desperately need, and sleep is needed in order to recharge ourselves to a better state of health and ease the effects of stress.

Insomnia and Hormones

Insomnia and hormones often have a close relationship with the latter strongly influencing the former. Estrogen for example, can be considered an excitotoxin – that which excites the brain. It’s an exceedingly stimulating hormone for the brain, so much so that women who take too much of it can go through wild withdrawal symptoms if they too suddenly stop taking it.

Insomnia and Weight Gain

Insomnia and weight gain – is there really a connection? Recent research seems to suggest that can cause the other… weight gain can lead to insomnia and insomnia can lead to weight gain. Why? Sleep deprivation can both cause hunger and lower the rate of your metabolism at the same time.

Anxiety Sleep Problems

Anxiety sleep problems can be a living hell to grapple with. With our mind’s constant ramblings of worries and thoughts spinning around our head’s while we lay awake is no help either. Watching the clock tick by as we observe how fast the hours zip by, we wonder if we can get any sleep at all before it’s time to wake up just feeds the endless cycle of our anxiety. It’s a dizzying circle of insanity and we all just want it to stop. When anxiety is at the center of our sleep troubles, it often defeats our efforts to remedy them.

Anxiety Sleep Disorder

Anxiety sleep disorder is most often caused by emotional stress and worries. There are many factors involved that can contribute to anxiety sleep disorder such as chronic fears, intrusive thoughts and work related worries and stresses, particularly those dealing with deadlines and the like. The constant worries that deal with the many things in our everyday lives can also complicate anxiety sleep disorder. Eventually, the vicious cycle this can all create affects our health and well being, making us become quite sick on many levels.

Cures For Snoring – What Are the Methods You Should Use to Get Rid of Snoring?

Cures for snoring are a dime a dozen; ones that work are not. Quite simply, it can be hard to figure out what’s the truth and what isn’t when attempting to rid yourself of this annoying habit.

Childhood Snoring – Is There a Remedy?

It is not uncommon for the average infant or young child to snore occasionally. In fact there are several reasons as to why your child may be periodically snoring. Some of the most common reasons are when the child has been highly active during the day causes them to snore from being overly tired during the night, or the onset of seasonal allergies will also cause your child to be more apt to occasionally snore.

Respiratory Diseases and Snoring

Do you have asthma and snore too? Or are you suffering from allergies and have a habit of snoring every night? It may be connected. Yes! Read on to know more about the vicious connection of snoring and respiratory diseases.

Sleep Anxiety – What it is and How to Beat It

Sleep anxiety is a major cause of chronic insomnia and is responsible for much of the stress and frustration you experience when you toss and turn at night. Once sleep anxiety takes hold in your brain, you might think it will never go away. That’s because of the vicious cycle it produces – the more you worry about your insomnia, the worse it gets. But you can get rid of your sleep anxiety, and it’s not as difficult as you might think, though it does take some time, effort and patience.

Mattress Care Tips by an Experienced Mattress Sales Person

You definitely plan to use the new mattress which just cost you so much but how do you plan to take care of it? Just like you need to tune and make small modifications to your new car (changing tyres, seat cover or stereo system), you similarly need to make changes to your new mattress. Read more to see what kind of changes I am talking about.

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