The Deep Meaning Behind Dreams

As thinking, rational human beings, we are aware of another level of thinking we do while in certain types of sleep states. The deep meaning behind dreams – which is one of several subtle thinking states we all engage in – is hidden from many of us.

Stop Snoring Devices – Which One is Right For You?

In your hunt for a solution to your (or your bed partner’s) problem of snoring you’ve probably looked at quite a few stop snoring devices. Let me give you the low-down on the main products in this area and give you a better idea of which product would work best for you.

Sleep Apnea Treatment – What You Must Know About it Now

Snoring, longer periods of non-breathing while sleeping, waking up with a headache in the morning and feeling fatigued after a night’s sleep indicate sleeping problems and might be associated with sleep apnea. A medical practitioner can identify the problem and provide the appropriate sleep apnea treatment but it is still best to understand what it is all about.

ADD, ADHD, and Sleep Disorders

This is an area that has not had enough research. The general consensus is that either ADD causes sleep disturbances like insomnia and fragmented sleep (sleep that is not continuous) or that sleep deprivation can bring on the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. So how do you know what to look for? How do you know what came first?

What Causes Nightmares?

Nightmares are defined as distressing dream that generally for you awake, but what is important is determining what the cause is to your nightmare. Many times the person experiencing the nightmare will feel, anxiety, fear, depression, sadness or anger.

How to Overcome Insomnia – The Article Guaranteed to Put You to Sleep!

Are you working in a company or law firm where people come to work sleep deprived? Does your company or law firm provide health promotion programs that encourage employees to follow proper sleep hygiene?

What is Causing Snoring?

Have you ever wondered what is causing your snoring? And if you know, you are most likely wrong, as very few really take the time to discover the root causes behind snoring.

How Does That Snoring Appliance Actually Work?

A snoring appliance may be the best way for you to stop snoring. Here is one type called a mandibular advancement splint.

Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances Explained (In Plain English!)

Did you know that there are at least 34 oral appliances for sleep apnea recognized by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration? If you suffer from sleep apnea and are looking for some straightforward guidance on oral appliances, read on. This article provides the straight facts you’re looking for!

Singing – A Proven Apnea Alternative Treatment

See if you can figure out this brain-teaser: what do sleep apnea sufferers and opera singers have in common? Clue: singing! If you’re intrigued, read on.

Ways to Stop Snoring by Practicing a Simple Change in Lifestyle

Do you or someone you know snore on a regular basis? Learn how a simple lifestyle change can help stop snoring.

The Insomnia and Anxiety Link

The insomnia and anxiety connection can be very strong, yet subtle. Sometimes we don’t even know that it’s our anxiety that is keeping us awake, or we don’t realize that we have anxiety in the first place, because it’s so easy to push it down into the subconscious depths of our mind. Here’s how to break that vicious cycle of insomnia and anxiety.

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